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New Haircut Last year, I went through some things. During the fixing teeth part of my transformation, I had to be on dexamethasone for awhile, and with the extra anti inflammatory, blood sugar regulating, and pain meds in addition to the unavoidable stress, I lost some hair. A lot of hair. By the time the shedding stopped I looked like a molting adolescent bird on both sides. I was going to give it a year to see if it grew back, but for the meantime, I was wearing scarves often. I decided to just go for the fauxhawk.

I like it. Surprisingly, Shai likes it too. Perhaps he prefers this because it’s neater and less messy than before.

It’s so weird, none of the hair that was locked fell out. It was just the unsecured edges and some loose patches here and there. I have no idea why the parts one would think had more tension or traction stayed, and the loose hairs didn’t. Maybe the relaxers did do some permanent damage, so the most delicate hairs were the first to go in a crisis. I’m not sure what locking does to protect the hair, but there it is.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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