Julia Levander Drew Yautja Cloth Sculpture Start to Finish (@charactersbyjulia) • Instagram reel

Julia Levander Drew shared a post on Instagram: “Just found out you can post 90 second reels so here’s a slightly longer process video of the Predator sculpture. Such an epic journey to create this and I can’t believe it’s finished. By far the most labour intensive sculpture I’ve made to date and it’ll be empty in the studio without him. It pushed me so far out of my comfort zone I’m not sure I’ll ever find my way back.  Follow their account to see 1433 posts.

Source: Julia Levander Drew (@charactersbyjulia) • Instagram reel

Probably the most complicated plushie on the planet.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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  • You’ve read the article, now get the t-shirt! :-D