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May The 4th Charcuterie Tray (OpenBuilds)

May the 4th charcuterie tray

I had saved the top from a cheap old table from a big box store a few years ago because I figured I could do something with it. I finally came up with the “something.”May the Fourth (Star Wars day for the non-nerds out there) was coming up and I thought I would make a gift for the nice IT people that make my life easy at work. So I found a good vector image that was fee online (Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Logo PNG Vector (SVG) Free Download), downloaded it, and then imported it as a canvass into a rectangle that had the length I wanted as one dimension. This will scale it to that size automatically. Then I deleted the rectangle and using splines, lines, arcs, and circles I drew the dxf file I would eventually cut over the top of this “canvass.” The heavy black lines are what I drew.

May The 4th Charcuterie Tray

Source: May The 4th Charcuterie Tray | OpenBuilds


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