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How the left lost Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalism

How Leftism and Panafricanism got separated.
How the left lost Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalism from YouTube

Resources Regarding Mumia Abu JamalUpdates and where to help regarding Mumia Abu Jamal-

[embed][/embed] A good video on how even groups labeled as radical get whitewashed for fashion, which is one way so many ssimps get conned into supporting the blaryan grifters.

Africans Weaponized to Promote White Supremacy #Coonism

A line of nazi soldiers giving the salute.

I’ve had enough. Even though I’m tired, since nobody else is doing this yet, I am going to have to do it. I hate this. Here is the outline. If you’re out there and involved in fighting disinformation, you can help me a lot by directing me to your articles, videos, and posts that deal…

Short Note: The Missing Nazi Link is David Childress

Head in the Galaxy by Nicole T. Lasher

The whole nazi talking points infiltrating the African spirituality community was a bit perplexing to me. Both in terms of how these people seemed at all credible to people aware enough to know of me, and spiritually, how so much Christos could wriggle in and nest itself among so much Thoth and Orumila was just…

Degrees of Separation

Visions by Nicole T. Lasher

A few nights ago, I had a dream. Someone I care about and did my best to help and promote was in the dream attempting to chat me up. It was weird because as far as I can tell, this person sees me as a kind of auntie, and I see them as a kind…

The Black Diaspora in Israel, 1965 to 2011 •

A photo of two Black Hebrew men crossing the street at a crosswalk.
The Black Diaspora in Israel, 1965 to 2011 by Dafnah Strauss (

With the exception of the well-publicized Operation Moses, Joshua, and Solomon Airlift of 20,000 Ethiopian Jews from that war and famine ravaged nation to Israel between 1984 and 1991, few people outside the Middle East are aware of the tens of thousands of people of African ancestry living in the J…

Black Bedouin are the descendents of African slaves purchased by Bedouins, the semi-nomadic Arab population in the Negev desert region of southern Israel. The Israeli black Bedouin number 10,000 out of approximately 180,000 Bedouin in the country. Although slavery has been illegal in Israel since the nation’s founding in 1948, the black Bedouin are still referred…

Note for Black Men: Leave the Gays Alone.


[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] In case some of you cis hetero Black men missed the memo through the whole Dave Chapelle thing, here is the very simple takeaway: If you are not in the LGBTQIA+ community or adjacent, and are not personally being affected by any current laws or policies related to the community, please shut the…

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