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stop saying “Check on your strong friends” and START being COMMUNITY! – YouTube

[embed][/embed] Checking on your strong friend it’s not enough. There is no such thing as the strong friend because we are all the strong friend. We must be village again.

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Rest in Power Caress. Fuck Covid-19!

On January 25, 2021, my cousin Caress was taken by Covid-19. I have a big family, blood and spirit, and statistically it was inevitable that she would take one of us. She hit a few of us. Caress was only 34 years old. [embed][/embed] …

Lip Reading Mask by FaceMasksRUs on Etsy
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[responsivevoice_button] I’ve built a new site at for information on adaptive and alternative personal protection equipment and pandemic survival in plain language. I noticed that the needs of people with disabilities and special issues were getting left out of the design decisions, production, and policy discussions except to say we’re exempt. Just because we’re…