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Anti-government [Actually Anti Fascist] protests continue – Globes

Protests Against Fascism in Israel 2023
Anti-government protests continue by Nitsan Shafir (Globes)

Nobel laureate Prof. Avram Hershko told a rally in Haifa: There will be no-one to protect the citizen from the tyranny of the regime.

Speaking in Haifa, Prof. Avram Hershko, a Nobel prizewinner for chemistry, said, “We must stop the madness. I can no longer stand aside, I must now express my opinion. What is happening here is an attempt to turn Israel from a democracy into tyranny, a dictatorship. There will be no-one to protect the citizen from…

Thousands in Israel protest far-right government’s plan to weaken nation’s judiciary

Israel protest far-right government's plan to weaken nation's judiciary
Thousands in Israel protest far-right government’s plan to weaken nation’s judiciary from YouTube

The recently elected far-right government in Israel took a clear step Monday toward passing highly controversial judicial “reform”. Its actions have created a massive reaction among Israelis who stand against it, saying they could fundamentally alter Israel’s democracy. William Brangham discussed the latest with David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

[embed][/embed] Israel doesn’t have a constitution, but it does have a series of key rulings that, as best as possible under the circumstances and politics, protect the rights of Israeli citizens and residents. These rulings come through Bagatz, the Israeli equivalent of the supreme court of justice. The current government seeks to disempower Bagatz, putting…

Tens of Thousands of Israelis Set to Protest Netanyahu’s Judicial Coup for Seventh Consecutive Week – Israel News –

Israelis Protest Attempted Fascist Coup Against Israeli Justices
Tens of thousands of Israelis set to protest Netanyahu’s judicial coup for seventh consecutive week (Haaretz)

Demonstrations are planned for dozens of cities across Israel, with the main rally taking place in central Tel Aviv. On Monday, thousands of Israelis will once again descend on the Knesset

Protests against the Netanyahu-led government’s judicial overhaul are slated to resume Saturday night in dozens of locations around Israel, including in the cities of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, and Be’er Sheva. The main rally will take place for the fifth time at Tel Aviv’s Kaplan Street, starting at 7 P.M.Due to the expected crowds, Israel…

The Columbasing of Afrogenders


This post should probably be longer. Were I younger, and if I had more patience, it probably would be. I’m just so tired though. So I’ll briefly warn my fellow Africans in the diaspora and the continent what is going on. Do whatever you like with this information. Just don’t continue to fuck up and…

Blog: Diva Was Right. Classically Masculine People/Men Do Need To Be Nearly Hand Fed. Also, I’ve Realized My Secret Passion is Marketing.

Starts in Her Hair, Inspired by Goddess Supaqueen of Water Witch Creations

Okay, first things first, even though they are grown ass adults and shouldn’t need someone to hold their hand and make them eat nutritious food, nature doesn’t care about shoulds. Whether it’s because they’re socialized that way or not, or whether that socialization is because of patriarchy/hegemonic masculinity or super secret sisterhood power dynamics fostering…

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