Thousands in Israel protest far-right government’s plan to weaken nation’s judiciary

Thousands in Israel protest far-right government’s plan to weaken nation’s judiciary from YouTube

The recently elected far-right government in Israel took a clear step Monday toward passing highly controversial judicial “reform”. Its actions have created a massive reaction among Israelis who stand against it, saying they could fundamentally alter Israel’s democracy. William Brangham discussed the latest with David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Israel doesn’t have a constitution, but it does have a series of key rulings that, as best as possible under the circumstances and politics, protect the rights of Israeli citizens and residents. These rulings come through Bagatz, the Israeli equivalent of the supreme court of justice. The current government seeks to disempower Bagatz, putting the issues of rights in the hands of politicians. It would also enable politicians to overrule the court decisions in many cases from government corruption to human rights issues including but not limited to personal freedoms and land encroachment by settlers.

Basically, the right wing here has made their move to overtly turn Israel into a fascist hell hole. We’ll see what happens. I’m optimistic, but I understand that if they are this bold, some blood might be shed. We do have our crazies here chomping at the bit for a “race” war. Haifa has too many brown people for that to go over well, but other cities might have troubles.

A group of one of the screwed up sects of orthodox men beat up an old woman who was gathering olives with her Palestinian friends. They beat her almost to death and didn’t care that they were being recorded.


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