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Testing this new Facebook album retrieval thingy.

If this works, there should be photos of pancakes here: “A giant stack of flapjacks that I made.” From Pancakes. Posted by Nicole Tanit Nefertaueret Lasher on 11/10/2012 (8 items) With butter and syrup. The giant stack. The giant stack. The giant stack top view. The giant stack and maple syrup. The giant stack and…

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A new form of sugar made in Israel is about to make European cake and candy much healthier

Enter DouxMatok, a small Israeli startup with aims of shaking up the global sugar market. The name is a combination of the French word doux, for “sweet” and matok, Hebrew for “sweet.” Together, the pair of words are “double sweet,” as the company describes. It’s an apt moniker for the company, which was founded in…

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FDA Completes First Pre-Market Consultation for Human Food Made Using Animal Cell Culture Technology | FDA

November 16, 2022The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) completed its first pre-market consultation for a human food made from cultured animal cells. We evaluated the information UPSIDE Foods submitted to the agency and have no further questions at this time about the firm’s safety conclusion. The firm will use animal cell culture technology to…

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Plant-Derived Bioactive Peptides: A Treatment to Cure Diabetes | SpringerLink

Recent advances in analytical techniques have opened new opportunities for plant-based drug discovery in the field of peptide and proteins. Enzymatic hydrolysis of plant parent proteins forms bioactive peptides which are explored in the treatment of various diseases. In this review, we will discuss the identified plant-based bioactive proteins and peptides and the in vitro,…

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The Socialist Sausage That Changed the World (…and Schnitzel) – YouTube

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Fried Chicken Restaurant in Haifa Hachalutz 9, Phone: 04-860-0823

I finally found a fried chicken place in Haifa.  Here’s their flyer. You can get a very nice meal of any 2 pieces of chicken or 4 wings, salads, and potatoes for 30 N.I.S.  Add a drink for 40.  A family meal with 8 pieces of chicken, potatoes, salads, and a 1.5 liter soft drink…

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