Plant-Derived Bioactive Peptides: A Treatment to Cure Diabetes | SpringerLink

Recent advances in analytical techniques have opened new opportunities for plant-based drug discovery in the field of peptide and proteins. Enzymatic hydrolysis of plant parent proteins forms bioactive peptides which are explored in the treatment of various diseases. In this review, we will discuss the identified plant-based bioactive proteins and peptides and the in vitro, in vivo results for the treatment of diabetes. Extraction, isolation, characterization and commercial utilization of plant proteins is a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry as plants contain several interfering secondary metabolites. The market of peptide drugs for the treatment of diabetes is growing at a fast rate. Plant-based bioactive peptides might open up new opportunities to discover economic lead for the management of various diseases.

Source: Plant-Derived Bioactive Peptides: A Treatment to Cure Diabetes | SpringerLink


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