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The Witch – Private Chef Experience

If you’re in Israel and looking for a unique eating experience, try The Witch. She cooks witchy and magickal themed food for you. It’s great for a special occasion or birthday of someone you love who has mystical leanings. Uniqe Food Experience Visit: The Witch (Site is in Hebrew)

Holocaust survivor joins the Israeli protests

[embed][/embed] Meet Esther Paran, a Holocaust survivor who navigated her way in a wheelchair through the throngs of Israelis marching through Tel Aviv in protest at government plans to overhaul the country’s judicial system. #News #Reuters #newsfeed #world #Israel #judicialreforms #protests EstherParan

Bridge of Creation Recipe

Bridge of Creation Recipe - photo of me standing at my altar and using bridge concoctions a few years ago, calling Oya, a deity known to shift gender roles.

In the past, I didn’t write enough about this, partially because I wasn’t sure if it was TMI, and partly because I took this for granted as something any and every witch or sorcerer would figure out in time. However, apparently with so many people attempting to hijack spirituality to hateful causes, it is time…

Israel advances national guard force for right-wing minister

Just the text is next

Critics say the new force is effectively a personal militia for Ben-Gvir, a former far-right activist who has been convicted several times for incitement and support for a Jewish terror group. Ben-Gvir says the force is meant to fill in gaps in areas where police are spread thin, including in crime-ridden Arab communities, as well…

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