What’s Wrong With Google? Letting Go of SEO

What happens if you search Google for African American authors.

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc] I’m not going to mince words. Everybody knows what’s wrong with Google now. There’s lots of speculation and also lots of actual information about why and how it happened, and lots of debate about this, but everybody’s clear on the results: Google is no longer a reliable way to find the most relevant…

Predictive Policing – Fair Trials

Predictive Policing (fairtrials.org)

Will predictive systems profile you as a criminal?

Police forces and criminal justice authorities across Europe are using data, algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to ‘predict’ if certain people are at ‘risk’ of committing crime or likely to commit crimes in future, and whether and where crime will occur in certain areas in future.We at Fair Trials are calling for a ban on ‘predictive’ policing and justice systems. Take the quiz below to see if you’d be profiled or seen as a ‘risk’ – and find out how to support our campaign.

Source: Predictive Policing – Fair Trials If you’ve been watching as so many murders and acts of terrorism are being committed by people who broadcast their intentions and motives to the world, then like me, for you, this is a big head scratcher. You know if they’re doing this in Europe now, they’ve probably been…

A critique of pure learning and what artificial neural networks can learn from animal brains | Nature Communications

Not long after the invention of computers in the 1940s, expectations were high. Many believed that computers would soon achieve or surpass human-level intelligence. Herbert Simon, a pioneer of artificial intelligence (AI), famously predicted in 1965 that “machines will be capable, within twenty years, of doing any work a man can do”—to achieve general AI.…

Is Your Site Being Spammed by Trump Supporters?

It seems like any site these days that isn’t moderated, is being spammed by Trump supporters.  Many are trying to pass their posts off as original thoughts, but this isn’t true.  If you want to be able to track where their ideas are coming from, here is a handy list of websites they frequent.  This…

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