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The Amazing Twisted Sister

Step right up, folks!  Welcome to a world where disagreement in a discussion means harassment, following a link means cyberstalking, and posting a photo, even by mistake, in your blog without wasting the author’s bandwidth is a copyright violation warranting shutting down your site. This is the world of Bene Viera, a writer on Essence.com.  As you…

Posted in Social Issues Yes It's F-ing Political

It is ON! Essence Forum Discussion on Bene Viera’s Thought Policing

Updated July 28, 2014 A few years ago, I started a discussion at the Essence.com community forum entitled Should a Black Man Be Allowed to Disagree? What set it off was Bene Viera and some others deciding that Obsidian didn’t have the right to speak his mind about the state of relationships in the African American community.…