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Overstretched Circle of Empathy

Earlier, in what I look back on as a very harsh but fair review of the second to last Star Wars movie, I touched on the fact that trying too hard not to be racist or sexist, they were racist and sexist.  In this post, I’ll give my thoughts on why and how that happens.…

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One interesting quote on altruism in nanny states | Initium. Smelling Roses in the Kali-Yuga

“Big Sister does not want her peasants holding values that are incompatible with the Good Society. She will not tolerate adult behavior, or independent thought and action. Thus she hates religion, morality, political dissent of any kind (democracy is, again, intolerant of dissent, even in dress), and in particular she hates the kind of moral…

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Some European Men Still Look Down On the African Women They Have Sex With

In black and white, here is an example of how a European American man can easily turn on African American women when a little social pressure is applied. From 2007: I loved how aesthetically pleasing was the contrast between the white jizz and the black skin. Like modern art, the geometric arrangement and bold ejaculatory…