Some European Men Still Look Down On the African Women They Have Sex With

Chocolate ContrastIn black and white, here is an example of how a European American man can easily turn on African American women when a little social pressure is applied.

From 2007:

I loved how aesthetically pleasing was the contrast between the white jizz and the black skin. Like modern art, the geometric arrangement and bold ejaculatory strokes set against the dark canvas of her smooth skin prompted me to admire my handiwork like I was pausing in front of a particularly abstruse painting in a museum to contemplate its majesty. Plus, it made finding the mess easier for cleanup. We drifted apart quickly, but it was the outlook difference — or maybe my poor bump and grinding dancefloo

Source: Interracial Loving | Chateau Heartiste

From 2015, once the CH became a WN circle jerk:

on November 22, 2015 at 10:03 am | Reply Neecy

I agree. I felt the same way about those black people in Charlestown nc forgiving that WHITE TERRORIST Dylann Roof for massmurdering thOSE innocent blacks while in bible study.

I don’t get that forgiveness crap. I think when people forgive others who haven’t asked or repented for it, they inevitably take the bad karma meant for the perpetrators by not allowing them to accept the responsibility of their actions.

While you are complaining about white men forgiving Muslims remember all the black people that forgave the white man for his EVILS around the world.

Same shit different color.

[CH: neecy’s comment, condensed:
blackity blackity black black blackity black.
same shit brown color.]

After being so pleased about the aesthetics of ejaculating on an African woman, now he’s calling us “shit brown”.

…but they will claim that we shouldn’t take this to mean that we should either avoid or very carefully vet European men before dating them.  They think we should be utterly trusting of them and let them dump their sperm in and on us, and consider it a favor they are doing us.

Though I am not against interethnic relationships as a rule, I do think people should be careful.  The possibility of anomic behavior from people who consider you “other” is something all women being propositioned by men outside their culture should be aware of.

This is just one example of many, and one of the few put in text in public on the internet.  Be on your toes ladies.

Why, one might ask, would a man purposefully seek to have sex with someone they consider beneath them?

This is a good question, as although as much as the fact these things happen disgusts me, I do not kid myself that this is somehow unnatural or bizarre.  It is in no way shocking.  It’s just one of those things people don’t like to talk about, but needs attention.

The answer is quite simply that as much as women are hypergamous, men are hypogamous.  Unless a man is very feminine, he prefers a woman with sufficient femininity to heighten his awareness of his own masculinity.  Most men are willing to commit to and marry a woman who is of a lower socioeconomic status to himself.  Unless something goes terribly wrong in a culture (like western ideology of race infecting eastern ideology of caste), it is expected that many men will choose wives of lower apparent status, but equally good or better standing.  Men may also raise their status due to higher status men’s desire to nurture others of lower status but good standing.  The male paternal instinct is just as strong as the female maternal instinct.

Though it is quite normal and healthy for men to be hypogamous, any healthy thing can turn harmful if taken to extremes…like the difference between a medicine and a poison.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. First of all, regarding the racist commentary at The Chateau; I suspect most of them have never had sex with a black female; NOT because they don’t want to, but because they could not and cannot get the one they want.

    Second, I suspect many of them have a fear, real or imagined, they would not be able to satisfy a black female.

    For those unaware, there is a strong homosexual component to the white supremacy of thought speech and action; is this what they call upon to resist the healthy male urge to engage in sexual intercourse with a non white female?

    If not, how do they do it?

    “the geometric arrangement and bold ejaculatory strokes set against the dark canvas of her smooth skin prompted me to admire my handiwork”….
    This may be true, but he left out the most important part; many if not MOST white people are “color struck”; they have the same reaction to dark skin as many girls have the first time they see a penis; they process it as an extra dynamic; and a sexually exploitable one.
    But I don’t think it works in reverse?
    I think I have some insight into this white male mind set because we shared a similar sexual introduction. I had 5 white girlfriends over a decade before I fucked my first black female. One of them took a trip to the Caymen Islands in January and when she got back she was very brown and it was a huge turn on. It was like having a different girlfriend. I think I came 4 times that night. Several dynamics conspired that night to make for some porno flick grade sex; the main one being how brown she got. She new she looked hot and had to know I was gonna go deep with the shaft that night.
    CH is pretty good at acknowledging a little bit of truth in order to distract from the deeper truth.
    He was “color struck” but tries to deny the transcendence of the experience by describing the mechanics and architecture and trying to rationalize the experience…
    To sum up, the racist white male fear of “race mixing” is really a lack of confidence and a response to his own fears (real or imagined) he won’t “measure up” sexually to non white people.

    • Well, if it’s fear then this is a new fear injected by feminism. Apparently, European men felt it was a good thing to spread their seed around right up into modern eugenics. They made many rationalizations in favor of it until the suffragettes, in their jealousy, decided to rein it in. I mean, think about it…400 years of your men being able to pretty much do whatever they want, if not with you, with a lower class European woman, a slave, or an adventurous wanderer…

      This just had to stop. You know prohibition was more about keeping men out of the juke joints than it was about alcohol. When that didn’t quite work out except on a surface level, the next wave of feminists made it about victimization. On a certain level, they were right, but they went anti Nature when they ignored the fact that every group is prone to anomic behaviors.

      Takie Sugiyama Lebra in Japanese Patterns of Behaviour puts it thusly:

      If they accepted and told the whole truth, it would first of all, justify the societal limitation of female sexual expression, to protect us from danger. Second, they would have to admit to the history of anomic behavior of European women towards African men, including almost routine false rape accusations when the African man refuses or does not behave as the European woman fantasized he would, or just to absolve herself of any responsibility for the encounter.

      The European feminist woman is the innocent in all things, and casts herself as either the victim or the heroine, never the offender. So it is the American WN’s duty to secure her future, except when it would mean going against the feminist narrative. European women needed to limit European male sexuality so they would have a captive audience regardless of how horrid they generally became.

      So basically, it’s to try to keep European men from shagging the nanny.

      • Nicole,

        That’s so true. Prohibition, drug wars, porn wars, are just a way to keep U.S. white men from messing with so many women of different backgrounds. It’s all about power of elite men and women of the dominant group because they fear that if many white men doing as they please with different women, the ideal of whiteness would be compromised, even disappear.

        What are your thoughts on this?


        • Indeed, the power of the poosay is very strong. It can create divisions and destroy them. The divisions in the U.S. like in Israel, make some people a lot of money…from the government and arms dealers who obviously profit, to NGO’s and “non profits” who profit from making it look as if they are fighting the problems. A lot of drama needs to be kicked up to have people who are taught that freedom and individualism is good, to not carry that into their sex lives.

          I don’t think they’re trying to preserve European Americans though, just to keep the illusion of “white” in its current melting-pot definition. It serves them well, not the least of reasons for which is to keep the Cinderella possibility plausible enough. Poor “white” guys need to believe they can be the President, and “white” women need to believe they can be princesses and bear kings…and that others can’t or shouldn’t.

    • Thwack, I’ve always wondered why they must go out of their way to demean Black women. There is no law that says white men have to date, marry or have sex with Black women, so if white women are you preference, then you shouldn’t be bringing black women up at all.

  2. The Chateau is mainly older bitter white guys, so their attitudes are on the “far end of the bell curve” as they like to say; but fundamentally, the “black girls are unattractive” meme serves a much more practical purpose. Its a frame designed to keep them functioning as easy lays for white men.

    How so?

    It makes the black female who is selected for sex by a white man THINK both she and the white man are some how “different” or over and above the “black girls are unattractive” meme.

    The white man who selects a black female for sexual intercourse both disqualifies the meme AND qualifies the black female as an exception to the meme at the same time.

    “He’s different; and so am I!!!”

    Then after he pumps and dumps her; gets his black pussy “merit badge” and doesn’t introduce her to his family or real friends… he moves on to the next lay.

    At the end of the day, we all may be making this issue far too complex. A females attractiveness is proportional to her value; and her value is proportional the effort required to get her; and since black girls are easier for white males to get; they must be less attractive?

    There are substantial inter connected dynamics acting on parties involved at the intersection of race and sex.

    For example, Ive never been able to have a friendship with a black female I ain’t fucking? They have little tolerance for such a relationship. Meanwhile, white girls have no problem with it; I suspect because they understand they can still exploit it to their benefit?

    • Well, people tell themselves all sorts of things. Though one does need some strength to go against the norms and avoid harmful anomic behavior in an interracial relationship, tapping the relatively exotic is nothing new at all.

      On the friends thing, I suspect it is because many of us were brought up not to tease men. It can be dangerous or hurtful.

    • Thwack, It’s good to hear from you. Those guys at Heartiste are whacked! They’re so hard up on their so-called preferences that they can’t function on a human level.

      Heartiste and his minions are mentally ill and bitter. Many are either incels or gay.


      • The group from which they came are known basement neckbeards for the most part. Back when they were young internet nerds, it was a mixed bag. 20 years later, some grew out of it, but the CH are the sector that did not. I would feel sorry for them, but it’s not like any of them were ever really struggling. They were and are well padded suburbanites with too much time on their hands, looking for some way to be relevant. The internet is the world where they get to be the cheerleaders and jocks, and try to lord their presumed superiority over the rest of the world. I advise others who have actual real life struggles to beware of getting drawn in, thinking these guys give two shits about those who really have been harmed by the PC.

        …and if the CH is who he claims he is online (the inventor or first to popularize the term/acronym “SMV”) then he is also a hypocrite who was so desperate that he banged like the world’s most self hating fatty in all of the internet at the time, and she supposedly shat out his sperm in a frying pan at one of Trygve’s parties. So he reinvented himself to get away from his own degenerate freak-ness.

  3. sebuah gaya rambut yang nyentrik unik

    • (Menggunakan Google translate, jadi tolong maafkan kesalahan.)
      Hal ini untuk agama saya. Ini adalah tabu bagi saya untuk menyisir rambut karena jalan saya memilih. Dewi utama saya kadang-kadang mengambil bentuk kerbau, jadi saya mungkin mencuci rambut saya, tapi saya tidak harus menyisirnya. Ini memberi saya kekuatan untuk mengubah hal-hal yang perlu berubah.

  4. maafkan saya jika tidak bisa menggunakan bahasa inggris.

    Oh saya baru memahami jika itu merupakan sebuah adat dalam agama anda. tetaplah berada pada agama yang anda yakini dan ini merupakan sebuah pengetahuan baru untuk saya. Terimakasih atas responnya.

  5. “On the friends thing, I suspect it is because many of us were brought up not to tease men. It can be dangerous or hurtful.”

    You think thats it?
    Maybe you misunderstood me?
    Im not describing friendships with black females I want to fukc who won’t fukc me. Im talking about relationships with black females based on a foundation other than fukcing; you know, kinda like you and I are having on your blog?
    I suggest black females start playing the entire “chess board” like white females do. It may be a cultural phenomenon taught to or learned by white females; but nevertheless, the seem to better understand and act on the fact that male utility extends far beyond the bedroom.
    The single exception Ive found is married black females.

    • Nah, I understand what you meant. It’s just not an African or African American thing to have beta orbiters, so male friends are a special situation. I have male friends, and I’m sure that there’s some very remote sexual tension, but it’s remote on the level that it would take a freudian psychologist to find the sex in it.

      If we have a beta orbiter, we are very conscious of his sexuality, and try not to push him too far. So we can say “friends”, but there is no illusion on either side about him being an admirer waiting for that emergency to break the glass. So we do have our way of playing our options, it’s just done in a less deceptive way.

      An actual male friend…that’s like falling in love. It takes an African woman who loves men and feels safe with men to make that. That’s not many African women. The ones who can do that are usually actual warrior types, not just chicks with an attitude. They’ve been through things that make them able to identify with men and participate in friendship similarly to how men do with each other.

      A woman who has a healthy respect for masculinity also has a healthy respect for men’s strength and a fear of pushing their limits. So there are going to be lines of intimacy that a woman will be afraid to blur, even if there may be some practical benefits.

  6. “Nah, I understand what you meant. It’s just not an African or African American thing to have beta orbiters, so male friends are a special situation.”

    Do you think Im your “beta orbiter?

    Do you think Im your male friend?

    • I don’t really know you that well, but you’re on the friend track. I couldn’t imagine you orbiting anyone…especially not online.

  7. That’s so true, Nicole. That Heartiste guy was into IR back in 07, now is against it in 2015. He used to talk about game and how to get women, now everything is about race, gender, culture and white nationalism. He puts down Blacks, women, Hispanics, Muslims, gays, liberals, conservatives, moderates, Asians, anyone who doesn’t toe down to his narrow white male nationalist ideology. He’s a guy who couldn’t accept being with a Black woman without putting her down racially.

    Funny how he looked down on Black women in the expanse of eight years of blogging. He has issues.


    • Honestly, I think the story might be made up. Roosh is the engine of all the game knowledge there. He’s actually getting tail. The rest of that crew is either not so happily married or forever alone material. He puts people down because he’s a one trick pony who’s been doing the same thing since like 1998 and before. Almost 20 years of self pity whining that one can’t even call trolling because it was obsessive, and then when he finally gets a blog, he can’t resist reverting back to the whining. He’s not in a position to put anyone down, and never has been…and were it not for posting second hand game advice, he’d have faded into obscurity long ago.

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