Narcissists, Group Behaviour, and Terrorism

Contrary to prevailing stereotypes, suicide bombers and other terrorists are well-educated, well-traveled, technologically-skilled, and relatively or recently affluent. They feel strongly about the way their civilization (culture, religion, and society) is being manhandled and mistreated by the West and its allies. Such slights may be imaginary but they still exert a morbid influence on people with grievances and personal issues.Terrorists can be phenomenologically described as narcissists in a constant state of deficient narcissistic supply. The “grandiosity gap” – the painful and narcissistically injurious gap between their grandiose fantasies and their dreary and humiliating reality – becomes emotionally insupportable. They decompensate and act out. They bring “down to their level” (by destroying it) the object of their pathological envy, the cause of their seething frustration, the symbol of their dull achievements, always incommensurate with their inflated self-image.They seek omnipotence through murder, control (not least self control) through violence, prestige, fame and celebrity by defying figures of authorities, challenging them, and humbling them. Unbeknownst to them, they seek self punishment. They are at heart suicidal. They aim to cast themselves as victims by forcing others to punish them. This is called “projective identification”. They attribute evil and corruption to their enemies and foes. These forms of paranoia are called projection and splitting. These are all primitive, infantile, and often persecutory, defense mechanisms.

Source: Narcissists, Group Behaviour, and Terrorism


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  1. “Contrary to prevailing stereotypes, suicide bombers and other terrorists are well-educated, well-traveled, technologically-skilled, and relatively or recently affluent. ”

    Yeah; reminds me of the people who say drug dealers are black guys too lazy to get a “real job”…

    Being a drug dealer is the ghetto is a tough job, a 24 hour hustle…. 99% of the U.S male population wouldn’t last 3 days dealing drugs in the ghetto.

    Matter of fact, lots of black guys in the ghetto don’t last 3 days dealing drugs.

    BTW, be careful labeling people “terrorists”; you don’t know what abuse and mistreatment selected white people are delivering upon the global nonwhite population?

    You don’t know what they did 50 years ago; let alone two weeks ago?

    • I’m very clear on the fact that most of the posters there are crybabies who have never seen a day of real oppression. None of them actually has a personal story of being on the wrong side of the left. It’s all distant and theoretical for them…which is why they are so quick to dance on the graves of the dead. None of them ever lost someone close to them because of the rampant stupidity in the world today.

      …and on terrorism, there is a line. That line is where you become as fatally entitled as those you are fighting. The entitled laugh when they make monsters of those they exploited or wronged. It means they dragged you down to their level, and can play you. It’s a sign of weakness that one can’t afford.

      I understand that it’s hard to resist when there seems to be nothing left to lose, but still.

  2. BTW, speaking of narcisism and group behavior, over at the Chateau CH made an entire thread dedicated to the resident straw man “The Spirit Within.”

    Am I the only person who suspects he’s a plant?

    He seems like allowed opposition because he talks a lot but does very little damage?

    The Chateau should stick to the sex game because if they are not going to address the more difficult issues associated with “white nationalism”; they shouldn’t address it at all.

    For example, I suspect there are many white people who simply don’t trust racists to stop when they “get done with non white people.”

    And why should they?

    Color is a arbitrary distinction; why stop there?

    I suspect you can’t really be sure you are not an undesirable white person until you get hung?

    (PS– I know the correct grammar is “hanged” but it annoys the racists when you say “hung”)

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