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How the West Was Won

As Samuel Huntington put it:

“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”

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My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. Thats a great painting Nicole. I suspect more people are aware of this reality but its often a case of “do they know that I know?”

    Chris Hedges sure knows.

    BTW– Your new site layout is nice, including your photo at the top; (next time show some cleavage)

  2. In most cultures there are known lies that most people agree to sustain despite obvious truths, but western culture is the best at this. The hypocrisy known no bounds. Diva calls this situation “The Gardens of Babylon”.

    Chris Hedges does know, but for some reason he still sees fit to bring people under the yoke of Christianity. He’s either willfully blind or simply herding the sheep towards the same but freshly painted shepherd.

    Thank you for the compliments. I wasn’t sure if the cleavage would detract from the message. I suppose I can give it a go.

  3. Well, it appears that none of the shots from that day show any cleavage. The world will have to wait until next spring, when I’m in the Kineret again. :-p

  4. Oh dear. I outed the Blavatsky-ism of the so-called Aryan “Christians”. I wonder how they’re going to spin this.

  5. “I wonder how they’re going to spin this.”

    They’re not.

    They are going to do exactly what they have been trying to avoid doing all along; which is to turn the site into a full time white cock sucking festival.

    White Cock Sucking Festival rules:
    1. Suck your own white cock
    2. Suck another white cock from within the room

    Thats what it was all along; I was tolerated in order to provide “cover”; but they couldn’t teach an 800 pound gorilla to dance like a monkey; you’ve been banned too right?

    I think its great cause now the site is fully revealed as the cartoon of masculinity/alpha that it is. In addition, did you notice all the new names that showed up as soon as he blocked anyone who challenged the CH ass kissing?

    Those are all sock puppets. I confess I wasn’t sure if CH would ban you but in the end I think he had no choice because you were revealing too much information (Madame Blavatsky, early Christianity…)

    The most enjoyable phenomenon I found on the site was watching everyone look over at Greg Eliot when you ask a question/comment (He’s in the bathroom takin a shit) he comes out and notes everyone looking up to him for the “answer”; and he does nothing more than attack you personally for asking the question.

    Thats something they could have done on their own.

    The cartoonish racism Chateau Heartiste promotes gives it a strong homoerotic “flavor”. Ive never seen a PUA/game site with so much black cock layin around all over the place.

    I guess its “complicated?”


  6. oops, I left off the most important rule of white cock sucking club:

    1. Suck your own white cock
    2. Suck another white cock from within the room
    3. Don’t talk about sucking white cock!

  7. It is quite a circle jerk over there. It always sort of was, but before at least it seemed like there was some good purpose to it: helping guys be a little less stupid when it comes to women.

    Now it’s just kind of pointless.

    I haven’t been banned, but then if CH has one brain cell, he knows I don’t really care enough about the personal crap to be problematic. People who don’t behave like individuals don’t count as individuals to me, so I’ll have limited patience to talk to them.

  8. Thats interesting. With the exception of you and Neecy, it appears all nonwhite people have been purged from participation? Including Scray.

    In addition, it looks like GBFM is blocked and I think Zombie Shane is too, although I did see two “toned down” posts by him on one of the threads. But the most interesting change is the complete lack of racial talk since the site was “cleansed?”

    Thats a very artificial phenomenon for a site that never could go more than 10 replies without someone mentioning color. My suspicion is, like his red text disclaimer at the top of the page, someone advised him to “clean up” his site as a way to distance himself from the school/workplace shooting one of the guys on there will eventually engage in.

    The contradictory message he promotes has got to have a confusing effect on some white wingnut out there; notice how he got worried about the gun talk?

    He planted himself a tough row to hoe. On the one hand, he tries to upset white guys about nonwhites/women “taking over”, then in the same breath advocates going “poolside”.


    BTW– speaking of homoeroticism, he just put up a post admiring Charles Manson. I think CH wants Manson type power for use on white men.

    Why else would he admire a short, thin, stinky, drugged out, psychopath who got women to kill for him?

    CH tried to “clean up” the site; but ultimately, the filth is coming from him so I predict his site is going to be connected to direct violence at some point in the future; most likely against females, Jews, and/or some types of nonwhites because his sycophants ain’t gettin no pussy, thats why they there.

    • I don’t think there has been a lot of actual banning. People just have no interest in being associated with him, so they distanced themselves. He has become pathetic. Should have taken his own advice about beta butt-hurt.

      If the combination of compiled data and people who claim to know the OB (original blogger) offline are to be believed, he was an insecure “white” guy who was a friend of Roosh, went to some seminars and/or read some books and decided to apply game and reap the rewards in poon. Having benefited, he decided to share it with the world…but it didn’t change who he is at the core.

      Things end for a blogger on the internet when they are lost in the droning of too many others just like them. There are already too many silly “white” nationalists who aren’t saying anything new, and enough beta males whining about how life is unfair and the world is against them and they might as well just eat worms, become psycho serial killers, go on a shooting spree, whatever. Nobody cares to shovel through the crap anymore but each other.

      No mass banning needed when alienation did the job.

  9. Nicole, what Im interested in is the mechanism he used to make the change only he could make?

    It took 9 days for someone to use the word “nigger” again. Entire threads have no discussion of race at all…

    9 days without anybody screaming Jooz!!!!!


    They are back to hating fat girls full time.

    The reason I find this interesting is because I suspect the same covert mechanism CH used to make the change is the same mechanism racists use thats result in nonwhite people on the job not getting their promotions while white people do.

    Do you see what Im getting at?

    He never made a formal statement banning racial talk; so how did the change in behavior just suddenly “present” on the board?

    Ive cataloged all possible mechanisms and conclude the entire blog is now “theater” with occasional real people “seeded in” to cover the falsehood and provide authenticity. The racist website VNN is like this as are most racist blogs because they are under severe attack.

    Do you remember the “Dear Abbey” column thats used to appear in newspapers? She did the same thing; as do many radio call in talk shows.

    The content is manufactured as are the replies/discussion

    Do you remember when CH put his red text disclaimer in the upper left hand corner? He did that for a reason. BTW– “CH” is more than one person. How do I know? Because one of them would delete comments I made even when they slipped thru and appeared. The other “CH” would warn me to stop, accuse me of trolling… but would not delete my comments after they were up, I suspect because he didn’t want to be seen making a ‘bitch move.”

    I predict this new “kinder, gentler Chateau” will not last because it is not addressing what drives the site which is fear.

    They are going to hafta return to black cock and JOOZ!!!

    CH is not alone. All bloggers have to deal with the paradox of control VS organic growth. All blogs start out on noble missions to reveal truth, but the more popular they become, the more they devolve into pep rallies, jack off sessions and ultimately vehicles for petty tyrants.

    Is “William Tell” the story of the king who couldn’t get enough of himself so he put his hat on a pole in the center of town and told people they had to bow every time they passed by?

    The internet is producing weaker and weaker people because it causes them to line up to eat their own feces. LOL People like the smell of their own farts because its familiar.

    BTW, have you considered having a “sound/vibration” category in your witches university for musicians?

    Im not into witchcraft or spells… but as a musicians I see how music affects people and what different sounds/vibrations to to them;

    hell, I know what it does to myself.

    Look at how many stringed instruments are shaped like women. Ive been looking at the Hurdy Gurdy on youtube and even though it has a fruity sound there is also a kinda sinister texture to it; I suspect the hurdy gurdy man got some hate back in the day.

    He was probably like a ice cream man with no ice cream.

    You almost gotta hate that kind of player.

    • I don’t really know for certain what’s going on there, but I will say this: of the “demons” in the dark Christian pantheon, Beelzebub is the least creative. His purpose is to convince groups of people to do bad things with good intentions. He is like the running gag that never dies as long as humans are weak enough to pity themselves. In Vodun, we view this as a particularly negative trait of Eshu whose purpose in this hat is to cull the weak…both those who fall for it and those who underestimate human stupidity. Keeps us on our toes…

      One of our members at WU was a theater major who does go into sound and presentation in his offline courses. So we’ll probably develop that.

  10. Nicole,

    you give these clowns credit for being much more academic than they actually are. Madame Blavetsky?

    Greg and his crew got the code thru their fathers who got it from their fathers…

    Who got it from this book (although the concept is far older)

    “The Negro A Beast”

    I baited Greg several times to reveal the origin of his “Christian Racism” but he punted instead. The book is very interesting and reveals how a person ca practice Christianity and racism at the same time.

    Thanks for the madame Blavetsky reference,

  11. Nicole, I don’t know if you have addressed it, but Im really curious about your perspective regarding the Bill Cosby rape allegations?

    I have my own theory but I’d like to hear yours?

  12. Thwack, actually I’m not giving them any credit. They’re the sheep of wannabe megalomaniacs who “borrowed” the Aryan “root race” theory from an occultist. So it’s like they’re getting screwed by clowns wearing used condoms. I can’t think of much more pathetic than that.

    It’s worse that they didn’t know the origins of their beliefs. If they knew them then at least I could have some small respect for their desire to promote it as a mythology. Because they don’t know where they came from, they can’t operate consciously at all. They’re just aggressively stupid and gullible.

    For a better insight to what’s rattling around in that void they call their brains, read Edward Said’s _Orientalism_.

    In it, he explains that it is crucial to their fragile identity to define and devalue the “other”…and why they’ll grasp blindly to anything that makes them feel more secure, regardless of how ridiculous it is.

    About the Bill Cosby thing, it looks like a character assassination. The things they’re saying he did were done more often and more extremely by other male celebrities in those times. Hollywood and the New York scene…Hell, the DC scene is full of all sorts of craziness. People who want to break into the business do all sorts and endure all sorts, and nobody talks about it until it becomes profitable. Some have resentment because doing shady things with someone famous didn’t give them what they wanted from it. Sometimes they’re paid or given perks for revealing what they did with whom or what was done to them by whom.

    He might have actually technically raped them, but he probably wasn’t the only one. We don’t know for certain because it was years ago, but I have issues with the credibility of women who sit on something like that until it might be financially or professionally convenient.

  13. Nicole, have you seen the movie “World War Z” ?

    I thought you might find this review of it interesting:

    Richard Spencer argues that *World War Z* reflects hipsters’ and liberals’ unease with the rising tide of color and Third World immigration. Their survival strategy is to inject themselves with a deadly virus—White guilt—so as to appear weak and avoid the wrath of the ravenous hordes.

  14. I have an interesting phenomenon to report. While attempting to comment on the Cosby case I discovered the top 5 mens rights blogs are eerily silent on the issue?

    1. A Voice For Men

    2. The Rational Male

    3. Dalrock

    4. Return Of Kings

    5. Chateau Heartiste

    Thats right; not a single one of them have a dedicated thread/article on the biggest sexual misconduct story since Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton back in January of 1998.

    Why is this surprising?

    These top 5 “Manosphere” blogs ALL owe their popularity to the practice of:

    1. Calling women out on their sexual lies.
    2. Defending men slandered with, but not charged or convicted of rape.
    3. Warning men not to get married because marital law is anti male.
    4. Highlighting the feminist practice of expanding the definition of rape to include “regret sex”, “he used me for sex”, “didn’t call me the next day sex…”
    5. Educating men about the female practice of cuckoldry, false paternity, divorce rape….

    Though the Cosby story is tailor made for these blogs, they all seem to be avoiding the issue?

    Is it me? Or is it just a coincidence NONE of the top 5 “mens rights” blogs have an article/thread on the biggest sexual misconduct story since Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton back in January of 1998.

    If any of them have and I missed it, please provide the link.

    I have my own theory which I will withhold pending any one else’s observation of this phenomenon.

    • Well, it’s obvious to me why that is. It’s the same reason feminists don’t want to talk about the situation of abusive nannies or care workers being abused by their employers. It’s “rights for me, but not for thee”. They don’t really care about men’s rights, only “white” men’s rights.

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