Americans Ignore Feminist Protests in Spain

Update May 9, 2022: I wrote this article in 2014, before I learned that I am a feminist: a maternal feminist/trans-inclusive womanist. I’m not sure what the acronym for that is. TIW maybe? What I didn’t realize at the time was that the real problem I had wasn’t feminism but the way that western, specifically U.S. feminism had hijacked feminism across so much of the world due to the cultural imperialism aspect that they pushed work (as if the rest of us ever had the luxury not to) but not the basics like protection, safety, and you know, having food.

The U.S. flavor of popular feminism is very capitalist and individualist. This is how we have right wing politicians who win on the basis of being women willing to throw low income women under the bus. Whereas average feminists in other places tends to be more leftist and involved in a lot of overlapping struggles like LGBTQIA+ rights and labor. The stereotypical feminist woman in the U.S. is a raging capitalist sacrificing her womanhood to outdo men in the corporate sphere, but in other places, she’s an extreme socialist who is indistinguishable from a man save a vagina. In the latter case, there is less of an idea of sacrifice and simply that these are manly women. There is plenty of crossover in these views since bigotry has no logic and usually fails to pick a consistent reason for hating someone, but I’m speaking generally.

I thought about leaving the text of the article up, but it didn’t really say anything important that I’m not saying now. Western feminists need to do better because western people need to do better. Western people need to be less racist, less culturally narcissistic, and less myopic.


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