Feminism Does Not Mean Equality Unless You Are a Misogynist

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Feminism does not even allow males the right to be awesome.

To say that “feminism” is actually about equality is, in itself sexist.   Any “ism” is an ideology.  An ideology that has a specific group prefixing the “ism” is exclusive to the interests of that group.  To assume that putting “fem” in front of the “ism” makes it somehow about equality rather than the exclusive interests of women means that you are dismissive of women’s ability to be radically exclusionary or bigoted.  So it is demeaning to call one’s self a feminist rather than an egalitarian.

If you truly believe in the equality in value for all genders, or desire legal equity between genders, you are an egalitarian.  Your ideology is not exclusive to any gender, and if you are radical, you would err too far on the side of unscientific or anti scientific “blank slate” beliefs.  As far as it would go is requiring the same physical and academic standards for some jobs as men and women, and taking it on the chin that some jobs would favor males or females.  This is basically what has happened in a few European countries, despite the best efforts of some feminists who are lately having to either skew standards or shut up about the existence of gender differences.

To say that you are a feminist is to say that your primary concern in social and political issues is the rights of women.  You don’t care about the rights of men or even male children as much as you care about the rights of women.  Feminism is a gender specific ideology.  Males, whether they are straight, Gay, androgynous but with a penis, can go to hell if their concerns would interfere with a woman’s rights.

There are many problems with such an ideology, but no less problems with the idea that such an ideology would mean “desire for equality” just because it’s women…as if women are less capable of being evil, selfish, or self interested as men.

You still think we are the weaker sex.

Men’s rights activists understand that we are not.  They are not the misogynists.  They accept our humanity, for better or for worse, and don’t like the fact that the world seems not to understand that we are human.  Feminists are the misogynists, and express this every time they use and promote “feminism” because the term itself when used to describe what should be called egalitarianism or equitism, denies our humanity.  Indeed, I believe most use it simply because it is easier to spell than egalitarian.

So not only do they think we’re weak, stupid slaves incapable of being radical or gaining an advantage over anyone, they can’t be bothered to type a few more letters.


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  1. I believe that the Gender-feminist / American law enforcement perversions and “manufactured statistics Alliances” are going to get so destructive that American guys are going to go MGTOW…just to not be harassed by law enforcement.

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