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Young Witch In the 90s

My altar in the Navy early 90s

I forgot I was going to scan these photos that I showed a long time ago. These are pictures of my altar from when I was in the Navy. I had very little space, so I had to make due, and I did a lot of effective work and learned a lot of important lessons…

Feminism has gone to the bitches – TOI Blogs

Recently an insane blogger put on the act of being naked in front of her sons with an objective of briefing them about the female body. It’s been wildly trending on social media and is being discussed in all lights.Few of our so-called Indian feminists didn’t miss the opportunity to draw comparisons between American and…

Feminism Does Not Mean Equality Unless You Are a Misogynist

Date Rape Nail Polish

[caption id="attachment_1046" align="alignleft" width="254"] Feminism does not even allow males the right to be awesome.[/caption] To say that “feminism” is actually about equality is, in itself sexist.   Any “ism” is an ideology.  An ideology that has a specific group prefixing the “ism” is exclusive to the interests of that group.  To assume that putting “fem”…

White Devil

[caption id="attachment_410" align="alignleft" width="218" caption="Steampunk Joker by OdinGraphics"][/caption] From the berzerker to Hannibal Lecter, the White devil is the man the world loves to hate.  He is the rapacious, exploitive capitalist whose thirst for blood is only matched by his thirst for gold.  He pursues his interests with a madness that we others would…

Moral Panic: Obesity (The Short Version)

Obesity moral panic, step by step 1.  Promote an androgynous ideal for women. (first wave 1920’s, second wave during WWII, third wave started in the late 1960’s) Social enforcement factor: You must look more like a man to compete with men.  Promote androgynous models as more beautiful than the busty, thick thighed pin-up girls of the…

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