Black Women Are Sluts? – Game for Girls

I’ve noticed he’s refreshing some old material, but this time peppered with lots of fear of a Black penis. Like most of this sort, his whole premise of “white” superiority is based on the myth that Europeans are more feminist and docile. Apparently, he doesn’t know many Scots, Russians, Romanians, Latvians, etc.

Basically, he’s saying that “white” people are the best pussies, so they’re better than everyone else. He calls for the “white” man to rise up and kill or enslave all the non pussy races so they can create the great “white” pussocracy where “white” men are forced to only shag “white” women, and nobody else, even if they’re not “white”, is allowed to even express that they’d like to shag, much less marry, anyone else.

I don’t know how this person calls himself a “white” nationalist, but there you go.

via Black Women Are Sluts? – Game for Girls.


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