The Insipid Enemy

It would be easy to blame social phenomena like feminism and the multikult on greedy women and corporations, but the bitter truth is that those most to blame call themselves conservatives.  If they weren’t so whiney, ignorant, and inconsistent, then the overly liberal wouldn’t seem so intelligent, educated, and stable by comparison.

To clarify, I am neither conservative nor liberal.  I like this idea called democracy and freedom.  I just understand that humanity hasn’t evolved to the point that they can sustain these successfully.  They are very nice ideas, and I hope that we get there someday.  At the moment though, the rich still rule as they always have.  People don’t seem to want it any other way.

The average conservative White American doesn’t seem to get that though.  Unlike conservatives from other countries or those of color within the U.S. they seem to mistake the desire to not subsidize stupidity or be further enslaved by the government or see others conned into dependency style slavery either, for nostalgia for some kind of wacked out Whitopia that never existed.

The same social engineers who while talking about ending slavery from one side of their necks, licked the butts of owners of factories where White orphans were used as de facto slave labor, can’t possibly be at all to blame for whatever they feel they aren’t getting and others are.  It’s not the CEO stealing millions of dollars.  It’s the welfare mom stealing what $400 a month?  No wait, just the Black ones stealing $400 a month.  If someone White is on welfare that’s okay because the totally free White people built this country because they were all rich and lost their money in the Civil War.  (Not.)

These people actually believe that all Black people were slaves of or subservient to all White people until around 1960 or so.  All White people danced in fields of poppies and had unlimited leisure time, and did whatever they wanted, and treated everyone else how ever they wanted until the bad Black people got their freedom.

You may ask where they got this idea.  They got it from their school history books.  In the textbooks, it says that Black people were brought to the Americas as slaves, with no mention of free Blacks who were not former slaves.  They mention that there were White “indentured servants” who were all freed after a couple of years.  None that I’ve ever seen mention that there were plenty of White slaves, a great many of whom were sold as prostitutes…sometimes to service Black men.

They believe in the Whitopia of old because this is what the U.S. “education” system teaches them there was.  For them, no debtors’ prisons existed, no Europeans were slaves, there was no child labor for White kids, and all White people had lots of money, especially in the south.

I wonder what they think would happen to them if the U.S. were purged of all but White people, or for some reason all non Whites were forced into slavery.  These are fantasies of theirs.  Do they think that a bunch of money would suddenly appear in all of their bank accounts?  That all of them who are poor now would return home from drinking one night to a mansion stocked with submissive colored folks?

Peasants yesterday, peasants today, peasants tomorrow.  Those who aren’t creatives, warriors, engineers, merchants, or nobles will always be where they are, no matter what color their rulers are.  Some people have things of value their ruling class can exploit and is willing to pay for, and some people can escape this and break new grounds.  Others are just living by the whims of everyone else unless they stand up and become warriors at least for a time.  If they are unwilling to stand up as the working class, and insist upon riding the coattails of the privileged who care nothing for them aside of how much they contribute in taxes, they will remain peasants.  So long as color matters to them, they will remain too stupid to see that others in the working class are not their enemy, and those of the same color who are their enemies or at least bumbling overly secure feeling exploiters.

I get xenophobia to a degree.  People are and should be wary of others whose ways may be alien to them, and looks are the most primitive way we sort folks.  Not the worst thing, and totally natural.  I also get that it’s easier to see the guy flipping you off from in front than the dude reaming you from behind.

…just that people that primitive should really stay out of conversations with those of us who don’t need to create a mythological Whitopia to understand that the U.S. is screwed up.  We can imagine improvements for tomorrow without inventing a yesterday that didn’t exist.

Wake up, White man.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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