How the Alt-Right Died

Pity: as refreshing as your own piss.A long time ago, when the internet was young, people exchanged ideas and learned that we weren’t alone.  People who believed in sexual freedom but within the sane boundaries of Nature found the likeminded, and friendships were forged.  Some very happy marriages and stable cohabitations even resulted.

People who understood that people are different, and that different people are adapted to different environments, and that the stable cultures that resulted from this were good, found each other.  Communities were then formed based on “race” realism.  Some of those communities of varying and mixed ethnicities even formed alliances.  Rodney King’s dream actually came true for them, and they got along.  Sometimes they even helped each other fight a government that wanted to pave the way for gentrification and manufacture racial tensions.

Women who had been harmed by eurocentric feminism had a voice and where to speak up.  We were welcomed to talk about communities ravaged by a warped and hypocritical idea of “independence”.  We healed from the psychological and physical damage of wrong diets, wrong schedules, the wrong kind of exercise, and the wrong body image that was not so much impossible as it required us to sacrifice things we valued like our youth and fertility.

Men had where to talk about having their masculinity demonized as “toxic”.  They could be real.  They could discuss their desire to be husbands and fathers, and to heal what was broken in them.

…but then the butt hurt began.

It was the thing many of us feared: “white” becoming the face of the alt-right as it was the sheep-right.

Before, alt-right was represented by many actual cultures.  Almost all in those actual cultures were vehemently against what we called the “multikult”.  This included all multikults…all indistinct cattle brands devoid of any actual nationality or ethnicity with actual traditions.  Even those who chose to own White understood that this was representing a mixed European identity that needed to adjust to the Americas both psychologically and environmentally and therefore physically.  They didn’t take Europeans in the alt-right’s constructive criticism on this matter as a personal attack.  It was just the truth.

The alt-right was supposed to be about the truth.

…but then it became about soothing “white” men’s self pity.  They actually believe that they are privileged.  They don’t understand that they are benefactors of a cronieism facilitated by the U.S. federal government only because they were the majority at that time, and not because they are better than anyone else.  In fact, the government and corporations did and still do manipulate them using the worst of their most stereotypical insecurities…and the sad thing is that it worked.

The alt-right died when it became the cool thing for “white” people to call themselves instead of “conservative” or just “racist”.  They pushed everyone but the most dedicated of coons (African American ethnic apologists) out of the alt-right because nobody else could tolerate the endless whining about how horrible their life is because of the existence of anyone who didn’t kiss their butt.

Instead of each ethnicity being realistic and taking their own communities into their own hands to repair what damage was done, the solution became that we should leave or assimilate in more ways than just obeying the laws of the land.  Instead of finding new solutions or accepting the ones that worked, for keeping people fed, clothed, and out of prison, they all know better than experienced community activists how to solve all the world’s problems…and of course that means rolling back to that golden era that never existed, wherein “white” people in general ruled everyone else in general.

…that maybe two years during the 1950’s and even that was a real estate scam.  The collection came recently, when many found themselves homeless or renting.

…but this is African Americans’ fault.

Sounding familiar?  Alt-right was eaten by the regular old right.  It’s just emo arrested development crybabies in their 40’s who are mad because they neglected to do what it took to be more self sufficient when they had the time, and their kids, the few instances in which they managed to breed.  The actual alt-right has no time for internet trolling.  We’re too busy doing the actual work.  So we’re calling ourselves activists or maybe just realists or just human.  “Woke” is becoming a popular term for the African Americans among us, but even that is dying as agents trying to paint our movements as “kill whitey” campaigns, recruiting the vulnerable, and turning them into tools to be the boogey-men when a politician needs to justify their salary and fascism.

Be sure that anyone you see trolling African American articles is not alt anything.  They’re just the same shit repackaged.

This includes anyone who uses the term “shiv” to mean some recycled butt hurt sorry excuse for an insult from “white” people who redlining, tons of money spent on their education, over-representation in government, the police, and being the default image of America still couldn’t help succeed.  Those who actually take Milo at his word and seriously, hopelessly desperately and pathetically so old right they will even toss salad to have their self pity soothed.

Anyone calling themselves a “shitlord” or using this term affectionately: old right and butt hurt to the point that one should start a betting pool for their suicide date.  That’s someone who is going to have a really hard time when they figure out that none of the rich politicians they helped to elect instead of voting their conscience for an independent, gives a shit about them.  They honestly don’t know that they’ll be even further legislated into poverty and ethnic munging than they would have with a shady liberal.  I mean, at least liberals kinda know they’re cultural imperialists and fascist once they reach a certain socioeconomic level.  They just justify it with darwinism.  Conservatives think it’s God.  Both are deluded, but their methods work to enslave the people, so I have to give them their props.

In fact, the conservatives are so good at it that even though the mewling babies are currently calling themselves alt-right, old-right just sucked them right up.  The babies call some of them too liberal, but they still vote for them.  They complain about the corruption, but then in the same breath, buy and promote the narrative of the corrupt.  They call them liars, and then in the same breath, spread the lies, and not only that, strongly defend them and make them a matter of loyalty and humanity.

Anybody who doesn’t understand the profit potential of manufactured civil unrest, and thinks African Americans would actually go out and damage property and kill “white” people or shoot at cops over the death of someone they’re probably not even related to…not alt-right.  Just a tool having the exact reaction the government and corporations want them to.  That’s not alternative.  That’s just normal.  Same holy cows.  Same obsessions.  Same old belief in the same old lies.

Truth time was but a brief shining moment…Alt-right lasted a few years when Rastafarians held hands with Odinists, and Pan African nationalists and European nationalists said to one another “happy to each stay in our lanes, but call us if there are civil liberties at stake”.

It was a global outrage at “charitable” organizations misusing their position to do the dirty business of the wealthy.  It was mutual joy when people practicing their ancestral faiths fought back against religious and cultural imperialism.  It was truly respecting each other’s differences and different needs without anyone needing to demonize facts of Nature.

Then some “white” guys decided they weren’t getting enough trophies for doing what humans should do.  They soon learned that truth has no friends.  So instead of holding the line, they sold out to be popular.  They became a part of the machine that exploits “white” Americans’ insecurities and self pity.  They’re kissing the butt of a mainstream candidate who promises to be the “white” hopenchange.

…and I have heard all the excuses for this.  I’ve even been told that Trump is alt-right.  Yet there he is the Republican candidate and millions of people droning the same lame stupidity that drove many to become alt-right instead of just rightwing or radical rightwing.  It represents slavery.

As they say, you can take the slave out of the plantation, but it’s harder to take the plantation out of the slave.

So the alt-right is dead.  May it rest in peace.







My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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