Popcorn Time for Trumpenchange

Grass RootsAs I thought, Trump won because Amerikkka truly is majority colonist.  You just can’t have that many European immigrants looking for a new life where they think they won’t and/or shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of their own decadence, and it be otherwise.  So people who identify themselves as “white” across the country are celebrating.  They’ve managed to vote an accurate representation of their ideals into the office of President of the United States.

Now, same as I did when the last “hopenchange” got into office but did basically nothing to help people of color except prove that one of us could play magical negro all the way to the White House, I am popping popcorn and waiting for the show.  Four years of failure to live up to the ideal of savior of their people is coming, and “white” people will quickly flip flop from celebration to criticism, and then  deep, dark disappointment that they will not have slaves or interesting tree ornaments in massive numbers.  The streets will not run red with the blood of their African American neighbors any more than usual.

Trump will not be the new Hitler, as some are creaming their panties in anticipation of.  The new fascism doesn’t do singular dictators.  It does groups with interests and merely changes the puppets once or twice per decade.  The battle of “white” people will still be with themselves, and this will not change until they change.  There will be no hope for this if indeed, their problem is more genetic than social.  If they are simply not built for democracy, it will continue to elude them.  No matter what they do, it will still end up working like fascism or feudalism.

I do worry for my friends and family in the U.S.  They are now more obviously in occupied territory as opposed to the land of natives and immigrants some believed they were in.  One good thing this election has done is draw the lines and make this clear.  They do not love the land as we do.  Their dream is to exploit until exhaustion and then import what they can no longer produce.  I mean, they’re there already.

I also find it fascinating, almost funny, that even now, Trumpers are upset that nobody trusts or likes them but each other, and they are judged by the company they keep.  Oh deary me, why do people think someone who rubs shoulders with the Klan and neo nazis might be a murderous ass hole.  Heheheh…Okay, so it is actually morbidly funny.

Well, on with the show.


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