Pathological Altruism in “White” People: Donald Trump for President

Understanding that you have a problem is only the first step in recovery.  Some so-called “white” nationalists point to overly welcoming immigration laws as evidence of a problem of pathological altruism among Europeans.  So when Donald Trump decided to make a big deal about immigration reform, many of them jumped on the bandwagon, without stopping to think for a minute that this is an obviously corrupt and very rich man making them promises he is unlikely to keep.

I mean, if you understand that your people have a being suckers problem, why in the hell would you volunteer to suck Donald Trump’s cock and then claim it’s to stop being suckers of feared brown cocks?  The guy is just telling you what he knows you want to hear…and sadly, the truth is that it’s not getting fucked over or sucking cock that bothers you.  It’s sucking cock that is a different color than yours that bothers you.  You honestly don’t care if a thousand “white” guys gang bang each of your daughters.  Just don’t let one of that thousand be an African or Mexican, because in that case all Africans and Mexicans are rapists and the “white” guys in the gang bang were just frustrated or mentally ill.

We get it.

Donald Trump certainly gets it.  This is why I think he is going to win at least the Republican primaries.  Your pathological altruism begins with yourselves.  You pity yourselves for things people of other ethnicities tend to suck up and/or earn their way out of.  You worship of whatever rich person promises you a slightly bigger piece of the power pie with “no money down” or zero effort on your part.  All anyone has to do to convince you of anything is stroke your unjustified self pity.

You make him a hero for doing little more than caressing your lily “white” ego and telling you, “Poor you, who are so put upon by the growing presence of people of other colors.  You should have gotten some special compensation for the phenomenal effort of pushing your head out of your mother’s vagina.  That you, you perfect being of light and perfection, have to lift a finger to feed yourself in this world is such an injustice.”

If men wore bras, “white” nationalists would be throwing them on the stage at Donald Trump.

With Trump running for President, you’re just trading less obvious corporate government for more obvious corporate government.  Not one thing will change in immigration policy unless it runs counter to his or the highest bidders’ financial interests.  Not one thing.

Donald Trump would never actually pass a law that would mean he would have to pay one red cent more in taxes.  He will never pass a law that means he has to employ higher paid workers in the mainland U.S. above lower wage workers abroad.

What he will do is make things much easier for himself and those who share his interests.  He has his eye on a few properties ranging from the disturbing to natural resources that should not be disturbed.  If he wins, he will definitely get rid of or silence the people who are stopping him from doing what he currently wants.

All this Trump worship, though entertaining, is a bit sad.  It really does drive the point home that either genetically or culturally ingrained dysfunctions are really hard to break.  It would just be nice if they weren’t such obvious suckers.  Be a sucker to an unrealistic ideal, not an unreal person.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. Excellent points Nicole. The heavy moderation at the Chateau has prevented me from pointing out that Trump is nothing more than the “White Obama”; a collection of slogans designed to make white people feel good about themselves…

    Is CH allowing ALL your comments to go through? Or does he delete the ones that cut too deep?

    That site has really gone downhill because its just the same few guys jacking themselves and each other off; its actually kinda sad.


    • Thwack, from recent “debates” with Greg, I’m afraid that the CH is lost, or maybe never was what it was made out to be. It’s not just that it’s a circle jerk. It’s probably a honey trap.

      I picked up certain skills awhile back when I had the barnacle problem. With enough time, I can figure out who are the same people using different names and personas. Something is very fake about Greg, and I noticed that he uses the same slurs over and over…and a few people all use different insults, but repeat them more often than a person who wasn’t concerned about maintaining a distinct persona would.

      I think whoever Roissy is, is having a laugh at everybody’s expense, or worse, the place has been infiltrated by a cop or two. Either way, there is too much fakery and falsehood there to have an honest discussion about anything.

      After I sniffed out Greg as a possible cop, Captain Obvious started accusing us of being Mossad agents. Though those posts are repetitive, they’re not moderated, even though WordPress should catch those. Now, to make it look as if the Greg persona has some social proof, the vicky persona pops out and starts participating in his arguments with me. Apparently, at least a few of the commenters there are Roissy talking to himself.

  2. Nicole; I ended up at the Chateau a few years ago because it was the only blog that didn’t delete/block my comments; but now the entire site is just a few main posters and their “cloak names” jacking themselves and each other off.

    At times the site actually has a homosexual vibe to it?

    Even though I never trolled, and contributed constructively to the discussions of masculinity, culture and current events… they could not handle logical challenges and criticism of their racism, and this is what got me banned.

    Thats why I had to switch from thwack to “James Blonde.”

    I don’t know if you noticed, but a few months ago CH or someone else adopted the tactic of using my screen name to do a ni66er impersonation routine; I stopped posting for a while until I could come up with a counter to it.

    Did you see what worked?

    I chose a name a white person would not want to use: “Pink Nipple”; that took care of the impersonation problem.

    Ive done experiments to learn the board moderation and have come to the conclusion its mostly done by humans (BTW I think “CH” is several different guys) The important thing to remember is that now even the “trolls” and opposition posts are “in house”.

    To sum up; the entire site is now theater; Its like WWF wrestling; everything is staged, even the trolls.

    Greg Eliot?

    Ive long considered Greg to be the most sophisticated racist on the site; but even he gets upset when you logically deconstruct his racism and point out the hypocrisy of his positions. The fights between the racist Christians and the racist pagans are great fun to witness and Ive learned a lot about racism watching them attack each other.

    Not only do they think you and I are JOOOOOOOSSSS!

    They think we are paid mossaad agents working out of an office and collecting a check…LOL

    Its hilarious how serious they take themselves. Personally I think CH is a Jew and is clowning all the racists and the sharp shift to the right in the past year is a smoke screen. The Chateau has become a sad shell of its former self; provincial, vulgar and rather effeminate; in other words, everything they CLAIM to hate.

    Even though Greg is the smartest racist in the room, the fact he ALWAYS has to identify his opponents as nonwhite before he attempts to challenge their positions means he is always on the defensive; and that he is afraid others will consider our positions on merit instead of color.

    He has to try to discredit you by FIRST calling you “Hattie” because he cannot discredit your arguments or position; he does this to all the non white people and its a good sign; he’s in a weak position and he knows it.

    I will still read the site; but I probably wont try to fight my way through the moderation; he knows that blocking and banning people is a bitch move, thats why he never admits to doing it.

    CH is actually doing those guys a grave disservice; he is allowing them to be sloppy, hypocritical and logically inconsistent with their racism; and in the real world, you can’t “delete” someones comments, or prevent them from speaking… then what do they do?

    Take a swing at you?

    I think not.

    CH has an impossible row to hoe; he is trying to make racism “cool” and “trendy”… and that ain’t never gonna happen. In the meantime its fun to watch them flap around on their bellies.

    PS– Much, if not most of the behavior at the Chateau is affirmational; calling us “Jews” is an example of it. He HOPES we are Jews because since we are not white; what ever it is that we really are can only be worse for him.

    • Really, I don’t know what his objective is, but usually on the internet a cigar is just a cigar. Sometimes people are just nutty. We don’t really know what’s happening in their offline lives. Sometimes people change directions, or stuff that was building up comes to the surface. What’s worrying is that sometimes people fall into mental illness, and of course nobody knows they’re becoming ill when it starts. Some party drugs can also alter a person’s personality. There was an anti smoking drug that came out that messed a lot of people up…I mean like 180 shifts. We might never know. He could have caught a bad pill and rolled right off the deep end.

      I don’t know if they know for certain about you, but they know very well that I am no Jew. That’s just something new they came up with to react to suspicions of their own fakery. They think people are stupid. Most people probably are, so they’ll make up some reason a Mossad agent would make Voodoo instructional videos. Heheheh…

      It’s just funny how Greg calls what I’m saying “nigger babble” while at the same time going along with accusations of my being a (presumably European) Jew monitoring the CH. Wouldn’t being silent be a better way to monitor a site? Or at least pretending to be friendly to their cause?

      There is so much sock puppeting there, I couldn’t know what of their characters pretending to be you worked or not. For the gullible, anything would work. Looks like most of the smart and less gullible left already, or don’t care enough to pay much attention to trolls that may or may not be actual visitors.

      Whatever is up their ass, it was interesting to be there when it at least seemed genuine, and now that it doesn’t, it’s not. What’s left of it is for the worms, not for me.

      Just had a thought…Maybe it was easier for some to suspect that I’m Jewish because I’m more cultured than the average American. Thing is, I’ve been reading since I was a toddler, and have lived about half my life abroad. Until they found Jesus, my parents hid or obscured nothing from me educationally. I was the little kid who was glued to the television for the entire _I_Claudius_ series. It was just balanced with relatives who knew to salt the doorstep.

  3. “Just had a thought…Maybe it was easier for some to suspect that I’m Jewish because I’m more cultured than the average American.”

    Thats true; but my suspicion is they are suspecting you of something more than “smart”. Anybody can become smart if they just apply themselves. We you get accused of being a Jew online its “smart” PLUS, this other kind of intelligence; possibly of an intuitive, non linear nature; which they often dismiss as “sneaky” crafty or clever.

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again; The Chateau’s main problem with Jews is they dare to build a layer of exclusivity ON TOP of the system of white supremacy.

    How dare anyone do such a thing?

    Who do they think they are?

    In addition, many of the posters there are quite provincial and just not very sophisticated (thats why Greg Eliot has to come to their rescue when you get them cornered) Many of them have a limited real world interaction with nonwhite people, especially black people; plus many of them are just old white men…

    I have no problem accepting everything you have revealed about yourself because I missed the monoculture and never had the “luxury” of living in my comfort zone. You are not weird of suspicious to me. There are all kinds of people out there in the real world doing all kinds of things; they didn’t ask white people for permission… Reality is not tee-vee.

    You are correct about mental illness. There is far more of it “out there” than most people realize. I expect to see lots more white males “pop off” as it becomes increasingly difficult to distract themselves with work and consumption as the money drys up. In this area CH is very clever; he himself never suggests hanging black people or killing Jews; but he knows what to say to trigger his readers into doing it.

    I still remember the post he did that caused him to add that disclaimer about the Chateau being a “lunch room food fight”. I confess to intentionally trying to “trigger” them when they start talking race and suspect I have been effective; hence the heavy moderation, deletions and banning.

    But guess what?

    It gets worse. I got something coming that will really trigger them.

    You ever heard that suggestion: “keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer?”

    Its a good one.

    Here is my analysis of the Chateau cliental:

    There is a core group of older white men (CH is one of em) who are distressed that white supremacy may be ending (along with its associated sexual benefits); they are trying to teach the younger white males two contradictory positions which results in a logical paradox:

    a) Support and defend white supremacy and Western civilization (even with your life)

    b) Go poolside, chase pussy and give no fucks about anything other than your own pleasure…

    See what I mean?

    They ran Matt King off even though he was one of the most logically consistent participants on the board; but I cant say Im surprised.

    There is no way THEY can be consistent because the only constant there is to suck up to CH and jack each other off over being white and male… talk about solipsistic?

    BTW– I suspect some of them accept and understand the things you were trying to tell them about being a man and masculinity… none of them could admit it without coming under attack; so I suggest you take any silence and lack of retort as a small success.

    Sometimes its better to just scatter seeds than to be a farmer.

    Oh yeah, have you written and literature?

    short stories, novels…?

    I haven’t searched your website but you strike me as the kind of person who might have some interesting material?

    • At this point for me, none of anything they purport to believe or be, can be trusted to be real. So like most whine-blogs on the internet, it’s not worth my attention anymore. I understand that because it had some value for a time, it is difficult to let it go, but none of what made it worth participating remains. None of the truth or truthfulness that was there before remains. It is as worthless as the overly liberal, overly coddling sites I abandoned before because they were too full of nothing helpful or important.

      One can waste a lot of time and energy playing social games on the internet…having useless arguments that don’t change anything, and don’t help you to grow. Many people do it, and sometimes it’s a nice way to pass the time when one has nothing better to do at the moment, or needs a break from heavier concerns. The end for me is when it stops being fun at all…when you know you’re just dealing with nasty, bitter people vomiting their bile on the net. I don’t need all that festering, impotent negativity. At least give me some fists raised against oppression that are strong enough not to be turned into “why are you hitting yourself” by the bullies plaguing us all.

      Yes, I do write some poetry and short stories. I’m currently working on a science fiction novel based on some dreams I’ve had. For some reason, I have a sort of dream universe in which I will sometimes “wake up” in a body that isn’t my own, sometime in the past, present, or future, sometimes human and sometimes not. In this book, it’s the future, and I’m living on an African planet.

      On the side, I’m working on one that is sort of like a Battlestar Galactica with a dark twist.

      Over a decade ago, before the idea of human biodiversity was as popular as it is now, I was writing a series about the rise of a subspecies of humans whose compulsion it was basically to kill people who killed innocent people. The elite helped it along until some of them started killing the people who were responsible for the deaths of too many innocent people. They’re not revolutionary, just predatory a certain way, and there was a long and somewhat successful attempt to track and organize them, but it ultimately fails.

      Writing fiction isn’t my day job, and I’m not sure I ever want it to be until I’m retired. So look for me on the shelves in 20-30 years.

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