Tolerance Anyone?

As if anyone needed more proof that the Democrat and Republican parties are two heads of the same diseased hydra known as the “elite”, the reactions to Melania Trump’s plagiarized and Rick Rolled speech makes this very clear.  Listening to it made it very clear to me and many others who are actually egalitarian in values (though we understand it is an idea that is unattainable in real life), that this woman is on some serious compliance drugs and/or cognitively impaired.  As much as I despise Trump and what he stands for, I also despise Clinton and what she stands for, and the fact that the Democrat party tries to sell itself as the party of the people when they aren’t.

The jokes around the speech being plagiarized, I can get and laugh at.  The jokes about how dumb she is, and about her being an immigrant whose first language is not English, and her accent and the like…I find them unfunny and abusive.

I have no mercy for my enemies either, but there is such a thing as honor.  Some stuff you just don’t do, and when you do, you are no better than your enemy.

If you’re going to hate on Trump for being racist, it’s also wrong for you to hate on the cognitively impaired, a.k.a. retarded.  Does someone choose their IQ any more than they choose their color?  If it’s drugs, did she choose to have an addictive personality?  Shouldn’t this be, if anything, a case in point that marijuana would be better at managing her election year stress than whatever prescription drugs are messing up her mind?

…and about her being an immigrant, if you pick on her for that, doesn’t it render anything you say about more open immigration policy crap?  How are you going to say we should let more in with fewer restrictions out of one side of your neck, and then pick on someone’s accent out the other?

Some of this is on Donald though.  If you married a woman for her looks and not her brains, she should stand beside you, shut up, and look pretty.  Everybody loves a cheerful person, and most have a soft spot for the person who does the best they can despite not so great circumstances.  Let her kiss babies, hold puppies, and bring giant checks to charities.  Don’t put her on the podium.


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