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More Sex Talk from the Love Scientist – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus

There’s your temperament and your culture, your nurture, your environment. I’m an identical twin and we’re not exactly alike. No two people are alike. What’s really interesting, and the most important scientific thing in my lifetime, is an understanding of epigenetics. We are beginning to understand how the environment turns genes on and off and…

Study: Israelis Prefer Internet Over Sex – Shalom Life

We’ve often lauded Israel for being the Startup Nation, a place where hightech ventures and progressive, innovative technologies have become commonplace. After all, far before we were using Waze to get around, Israelis had already integrated it into the fabric of their transportation industry. And, as I’ve said before, essentially all of the gadgets or…

Primal Sex: The Masculine Embrace, or What Men Should Relearn About Fucking

Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Before we start, I will warn you that in this article, there will be many sweeping generalizations about men and women.  If you are gender-queer in some way, feel free to replace those words with masculine or feminine participant, or Top/bottom or whatever.  Let’s not lose the point in tangents about terminology.  Also,…

Hate to See a Grown Man Cry

Perhaps being part of an alpha male harem for now, is better than settling down with a beta. A man with NMS, being raised or programmed by women who constantly put sex in the context of victimhood, will interpret a woman giving him sex or wanting to have sex with him as rape, or a…

17 Horrifying Ways Sex Can Go Terribly Wrong |

All of these stories are true and are enough to make us want to chain up our genitals for life. Our readers braved the darkest corners of the Internet to bring you these sordid tales. The winner is below, but first the runners-up … via 17 Horrifying Ways Sex Can Go Terribly Wrong |

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