Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon

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Adding comments to your static blog with Mastodon (

One of the biggest disadvantages of static site generators is that they are static and can’t include comments.There are multiples solutions to solve this problem. You could add a third party blog engine like Disqus, but this has the drawback of including a third-party tool with a bad privacy record in your website. Another solution would be to host an open-source alternative but this comes at the cost of a higher maintenance burden.

Having to host a database was something we wanted to avoid with a static site generator.In my opinion, a better solution is to leverage the Mastodon and Fediverse platform. Mastodon is a decentralized social network and it allows people to communicate with each other without being on the same server. It is inspired by Twitter,…

Metallica – King Nothing (Lyrics) – YouTube

I feel sorry for people so empty that they can’t really love.  They seem to mistake “useful to me at the time” for love, and end up hurting everyone who actually loves them.  They seem unable to understand the idea of caring for someone else’s wellbeing more than one cares for one’s own convenience. I…

Re: Diversity | Thulean Perspective

Excerpt from the post: Their and our characteristics are different from each other, just like we are physically different from them; they too have hair, but our hair is different from theirs; they too have eyes, but our eyes are different from theirs; they too have skin, but our skin is different from theirs. This…

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