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I feel sorry for people so empty that they can’t really love.  They seem to mistake “useful to me at the time” for love, and end up hurting everyone who actually loves them.  They seem unable to understand the idea of caring for someone else’s wellbeing more than one cares for one’s own convenience.

I used to think these  people were just sick and didn’t know any better.  Now it has become abundantly clear to me that they do know better.  They pretend to be healthy and whole at the beginning because they know what healthy and whole is.  They also understand that if someone loves them, when they start to show signs of being predatory, the loving person isn’t going to get rid of them right away because they’re in real love…albeit with someone very unreal.

So in a way they are like children who don’t know right from wrong, but the problem with that is that they do.  They do know when they are hurting people.  They do know that their behavior towards others is sick.  It is just that they feel entitled to behave that way.  They think the way they are is everybody else’s fault.

This kind of person is what I call “a wash”.  It means there is nothing to save.  They are barely human anymore.  They are the parent who harms their child to get attention, including using the kids as pawns in family court.  They are the emotional and physical abuser who drives their spouse to suicide or homicide, and then points the finger that the spouse is crazy, when if all us out there with a shred of empathy are being honest, it’s the emotional retard who most deserves to be locked up.

So fuck pop psychology when it comes to “people” like this.  I take a lot of joy in watching when their castle made of nothing but lies and things they’ve stolen, comes crashing down.

? Metallica – King Nothing (Lyrics) – YouTube.


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