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The Problem with White Veganism – Juliana Yazbeck – Medium

It disregards the fact that the meat and dairy industries are inherently colonial legacies. It comes charging in on its moral high horse, enforcing its beliefs that veganism is the only way forward, overlooking the truth: that the white popularisation of plant-based consumption is only shifting unethical food production from meat to plants. Source: The…

Let the Public Ridicule Begin: Update Photos

Well, it’s that time.  I’ve reached the 200 lbs. (down from 297) goalpost, and still have ideally, 90 more to lose, but realistically, 60-70 would be nice. Has it been easy?  Well, actually kind of yes.  Once I knew how to eat, within about 2 and a half years, my body regulated how much by…


Here’s a pic of me from Friday night.  I’m looking kind of screwed up, but better from the neck down.  I’m still attracting mostly the inordinately butch, but now I don’t mind this at all.          

Money Where My Mouth Is

This coming Friday, I’m going to take my first steps back into catering, and sell drastically low sugar and naturally sweetened cakes at the farmer’s market.  I hope they’ll sell.  I’m still not sure how I’m going to word the pitch cards, so this batch won’t have any.  The question is whether to sell their…

Smell: Another Good Reason to Eat Natural

Unnatural people stink.  They smell like driving by a paint factory next door to a landfill.  So when some people give others a cross look for being fat, I wish they would consider the hell paleo, primal, and ethnic eaters have to contend with whenever they’re within two meters of them or sit on a bus or train surrounded…

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