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For Nosferatu

when we used to hang together neither of us cared what anyone else had to say about it and if anyone dared we would just laugh the same laugh giving the same sideways smile that we both got from our dear fathers who both pushed us the extra mile when i told you that you’re…

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My Former Protege Returns

A couple of years ago, when I was new to the proactive sector of the manosphere, I had a protege I lovingly nicknamed Papa II.  He was thus nicknamed because of his close resemblance in personality to Shai, my Dad before Santa, and other men I look up to, even though he is chronologically much…

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The Indecent Proposal

Some time ago, Cuz (the Catholic taxi driver turned accountant) offered to give me an apartment in an attempt to get back in.  I declined because though I could see being the mistress of a discreetly but honestly polygamous man, I’m not going to be the life support system of a failing monogamy.  I’m also not…

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The game is over indeed.

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The Catch

Fender goes kosher.