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Loyalty Is Earned

[sc name="responsivevoice" ]That respect is earned is said often. What’s not said so often though, is that loyalty also has to be earned. Though it’s a good thing when people give each other basic human respect, and people who share common values, some degree of loyalty, it’s not a given. Especially in these days when…

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The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

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Lifehack For the Second Heartbreak Onward

I believe that frequent heartbreak is an unnatural thing to endure sanely. I am sure that between the lines and behind the scenes in the days of old, romantic love existed and people shagged around and were abandoned or failed or mistreated often. We are talking about humans here. The thing is that the heartbreaks…

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New Masculinity Syndrome – Game for Girls

I have finally written the article: New Masculinity Syndrome. It explains a term that a friend who is a spiritual counselor came up with, to describe the affliction of the modern western male.  I wish I had known these things 10 years ago, and feel fortunate to have learned them before I was too old…

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Return of the Maque

I had a very happy Purim.  Many important principles were confirmed for me.  I understand very well now, to question my motivation, but not my instincts.  My friends know the sordid details of my wild weekend already, which I’m not going to share with the rest of the world.  The stuff that other readers should…

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Reiteration: I Love All My Bitches

i love all my b!tches i treated them well fed them when they hungered picked up when they fell helped them pay their bills when i had and they didn’t encouraged their dreams shared their disappointment i never asked for more than i gave all had their freedom cause i don’t want a slave yes…

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