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My Truest knight: What I Learned About Dating a Younger Man

On September 1, 2018 a bit of sunshine left this Earth. He was affectionately known by myself and some others in the BDSM community as knight. There may be many across the internet with knight in their usernames, but this is THE knight. Once someone encountered him anywhere, nobody else quite lived up to the…

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Myth: BDSM Attracts the Ugly

We have some interesting conversations in the abyss.  Yet again though, a post delving into the Freak Zone (in which I’m carrying a V.I.P. card) has inspired the regurgitation of some popular myths in the comments.  One of them is that BDSM is particularly attractive to ugly people who can’t get laid. Yeah, I know…

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Recent Developments

Shai and I are reconciling.