The Peasant Prophet and The Evil Queen

[sc name="responsivevoice" ]Once upon a time, there was an evil queen who ruled a small corner of the deep forest within a small but very strong and proud kingdom. Though the main rulers of the land were far more evil than this queen, because most did not understand her, and the hierarchy in the forest…

How White is Homegenizing Heathenry

…identifying as “white” strips us of our heritage. By calling yourself white, and setting yourself against, or at least apart from, anyone not white, you’re unilaterally expanding your tribe to encompass anyone who looks like you. You end up trading the security of tradition, for mewling masses who do not share those bonds of tradition.…

The Planter’s Dilemma | Baba Brinkman

If I cheat and you don’t cheat then I profit If you cheat and I don’t cheat then you profit So we both cheat, so we can each keep somethin’ But where did all the non-cheaters go? via The Planter’s Dilemma | Baba Brinkman.

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