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Since my decision to stop fighting open source software that doesn’t have some kind of business behind it, I’ve been having lots of fun (er workish fun) doing what I do best.  That’s living up to my reputation as a human encyclopedia.  My poor husband has had to endure hours of my obsessive prattling on one topic or another.  Lately I’ve been stuck on the social and ethical ramifications of new knowledge in the field of epigenetics.

Now, it appears that not only do we need to pass certain traditions down to our kids because it’s socially nice, but because if we don’t, it can mess up their gene expression.  This has definitely tweaked my approach to topics like cooking and relationships.  I’m much more hard core about it, and yet more joyful too.  So I added a little something to a special section for kids.

I’m also working on the new learning center at  It’s not finished yet, but this time I’m running it on Moodle.  It’s a bit confusing to use, but it works, and that’s what’s important.

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