I am now Money’s Mama!

Okay, now you can imagine me doing the Sacred Geek Dance of Seven Whales.  I am now the proud owner of MoneysMama.com.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  I thought of making it about home business and bling, but every spammer on Earth has already beat me to it.  My competition would be the loathesome hoards of MLM’ers.

I’d make it about frugality and resourcefulness, but the other, Money Mama already has books for kids on the subject.  I don’t want to be confused with her.

Another thought I had was making it fineschmecker porn.  A fineschmecker is a kind of Yiddish term for someone who is really into quality things…not the most expensive necessarily, but the truly best quality.  So porn for them would be photos and reviews of the best watches, shoes, pens, housewares, food, etc.

So I’m brainstorming.  We’ll see what comes out of it.  Hopefully something useful.

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