Yesterday, I received my package of 180 g. hoodia gordonii powder.  So far, it’s working very nicely.  Actually, it’s working too well.  I haven’t been hungry since last night, and I was barely so then.  I didn’t finish but half of the sandwich and maybe 5 chips that I had as my weekly indulgence.

In the studies, people on it reduced their calorie intake by about 2000 calories…but what if someone only eats about 1000 calories a day?  I’m at the point now of having to sneak extra calories into my body with tea with 2 tsp. honey per liter.  I don’t want to forget how to eat, so as I did with the capsules, I’m going to halve the dosage.

In other news, last night I met the girl Kahuna has unrequited one-itis for.  She is pretty, but you can see the wall on the horizon.  He’ll probably be over her in a couple of years, if not less.  I’m done trying to snap him out of it.  I’ll just try to be encouraging whenever he makes some progress.

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  1. @nicole- thanky ou thank you thank you for that clip. I’ve been hunting for it forever. My sister mentioned that episode of a science fiction show. Again, thank you so much.

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