Varg Blogs on His Arrest in France

In case any of my readers isn’t a metalist and missed the news, Varg Vikernes was arrested in France on suspicion of terrorism.  One of the reasons he was under suspicion is because, like someone else we know, though he disagreed with Anders Brevik’s actions, he showed some modicum of understanding.  This, among other shows of compassion for the confused and ignorant, even when attempting to educate them, earned him the title “neo nazi”.  Those publications who didn’t want to be so bald-faced call him a “neo nazi sympathizer”.

If this is what the new definition is….

Anyway, he’s blogged about what happened.  Here’s a snippet and a link.

After that I was brought back into the living room and saw that my youngest son had thrown up in his grand mother’s arms, and I understood that he was very shaken. The police action was obviously a bit too dramatic for a 3,5 year-old boy. She was trying to comfort him. Apparently things weren’t going so well with the kids after all. His pregnant mother was placed in front of the children on a chair with hand cuffs on, bleeding from her nose.

via Terrorism in France, part I | Thulean Perspective.


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