Loser Wannabe Supremacists Who Can’t Take a No

You’d think that if a person believed that they were inherently superior, they would feel compelled to actually behave in a superior manner.  If other men are mere men, they would not settle for being mere men, much less being less than men.  If other men are intelligent and well read, they would not settle for being normally literate, much less ignorant.  The positive traits in others would not be a measure by which they make excuses for their failings.  They would be a minimum one both expected and demanded one’s self to be greater than.

Why is it that those who claim to believe they are greater, and use this belief of inherent greater-ness as an excuse to demean and mistreat others, are never actually greater?

It is because the psychogenic disease that is racial supremacism suspends its sufferers in a permanent state of childhood.  Regardless of what they do or experience, they have a lense strapped to their brains that only allows them to see through an uncontrolled id.

It is not the ego that is defective in the racial supremacist.  It is the id: that part of them that wants and wants and wants, but has no will.

…and woe be unto the sheep who knows not whence the shearer comes.

The thing most people don’t understand about racial supremacism, commonly called racism, is that nobody is consciously a racist.  Like other psychogenic diseases, social maladies, and even most individual mental illnesses, the one with the disease is completely unaware that they have it.  They believe that their worldview is completely “organic” and that they arrived at their beliefs through rational deduction.

Like the woman who drowns her children because she is convinced that they are better sent to heaven before living longer to become sinners, her worldview with a single jealous god does not allow for an Ogun who would want to see these children progress and develop, or an Eshu desiring to teach them.  The racial supremacist’s worldview does not allow for individual assertion of will or individual achievement of supremacy.

The herd is their heroin.

As I had speculated before, science has now confirmed (if one is to believe neuroscientists) that the same dopamine reward that one gets from having sex, most people get from conformity.  So it is true that, when properly socially programmed, a man will date socially approved women with more gusto and dedication than unapproved women, even if those women suck.  It is as important as the sex itself, for a man to be with someone their respective herd approves of.

When they mistreat a woman who is less socially convenient, they are not even aware that they are mistreating her.  They are simply lacking the reward triggers associated with treating her well.  They get little or no social reward for being good to her, so the good sex and kind treatment is irrelevant.  The id wants approval.

So what does it all mean for the non Jewish woman trying to make a life in Israel?  Well, consider that you are not alone.  African women experience this in many places, as well as any women who aren’t the “right” color, caste, class, or socioeconomic level for their area.  Even women who do “fit” in their area, are objectified as walking wombs and not allowed to have their own thoughts, needs, or personalities.  Men are also discriminated against and objectified, and with a bonus, expected to remain somehow manly and responsible through it all.  They have legal penalties for having a penis.

This is not to be dismissive at all…just to say that one should not expect the average guy, raised the way people in the major ethnic groups are normally raised here, to treat her like a human.  If someone does treat you like a human, that might be the last one you encounter for a couple of decades.  So don’t take him for granted.

He is probably the one guy you will meet here who thinks actual sex is better than conformity.

The herd addicts have their own issues to deal with.  I don’t know why the suicide rate isn’t higher, but I suppose that it is because most of them are blissfully unaware of how useless they are except as cannon fodder and votes.  The one who got butt hurt and told me I was smelly because I told him no, is just one such idiot worth his weight in fertilizer.

Yet he presumes to be better than me.

Were he a better person than me, he would have apologized…or just not made that stupid comment in the first place.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. One thing that I’ve always suspected is that people who take a strongly supremacist stance, often enough, are probably doing some sort of compensation. I don’t limit this to race, I mean it shows up in religion, gender and sex, ethnicity, regions of origin, profession or occupation, and yes race as well.

    By this I mean that anyone really at home in their identity, and content in it, probably has less of a desire to one-up others, to measure themselves over others who are different. I think being a supremacist is a bit different from simply being a bigot in that a person can dislike others of another kind or type, and be bigoted towards them, without necessarily needing to feel superior to them.

    It is the need, the urge, to feel superior over another, to feel supreme over them, that somehow screams to me a compensation for a personal weakness or felt lack of security in some area.

    Pop psychology? Maybe. But I do think there is something here.

    • This is one of those things that made it into pop psychology because it’s so consistently true. The people who scream the loudest that they are superior due to some accident of birth are indeed usually overcompensating for some crucial flaw. They have to believe they are superior to cover for some dark or dirty secret, much like a virulent zealot of any other strain. So it actually stems from an inferiority complex. They worry about not being good enough more than is sane.

      Over time, observing people like this in the U.S. and here in Israel, I’ve come to see it as an indicator of extreme perversion…and I do mean extreme. I’ve never seen someone going overboard in this way who wasn’t into or involved in something really harmful. It’s like part of the scratch.

  2. “So it is true that, when properly socially programmed, a man will date socially approved women with more gusto and dedication than unapproved women, even if those women suck. It is as important as the sex itself, for a man to be with someone their respective herd approves of.”

    Patrice Oneal used to call those girls “The Uniform”; girls you choose because you know your friends and family will approve of. I think every guys does it in the beginning and only later when we gain confidence are we strong enough to choose what we want.

    I suggest avoiding the uniform because you run the risk of making relationship decisions based not only on your own insecurities and flaws; but also upon the collective flaws and “issues” of all your family and friends.

    You can do bad by yourself.

    • For an independent thinker, the “uniform” is death or part of a costume, depending on your status and awareness. For normal people though, it’s the type they should pursue because they would destroy or be destroyed by anyone else. This is why I prefer honesty over the PC narrative. People should be able to see anomic behavior coming, and not be lulled into a false sense of security because almost everyone is lying.

      In my opinion though, men in the west have a real dilemma. Because of the social programming, most westernized women have begun to view themselves as a sort of in-group, and men as outsiders, and are behaving accordingly. The decision not to pursue the “uniform” may be a sound one, but it has dangers that men should be aware of. If one accepts the risks and knows how to navigate the pitfalls, then great, but to get that knowledge, one has to face hard truths about themselves and humanity at large, that many don’t want to.

      The average person can’t cope with these things. So even if it feels like watching a trainwreck, I don’t advise people who are conformists in every other way, make an exception in romantic relationships. Better they tow the line.

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