This Will Not End Well: Men and Blocking

I figured something like this would happen eventually.  According to many of my female friends, men have started blocking women who tell them no or express any hesitation or simple disagreement, no matter how petty.

This used to be the domain of women.  Women are kind of skittish especially in online dating and social media.  Now it seems that men who’ve been blocked and can’t express their rage against the women who blocked them, are blocking other women in an equally skittish way.

The problem is that men and women block differently.  When a woman blocks you, it means that barring some miraculous event or tragedy that makes her see that maybe she was a bit too harsh, she really never wants to speak to or hear from that person again.  They are gone from her life.  She will not unblock a guy unless she was in love with him before, blocked him in a rage, and he somehow figured a way to calm her, or enough months or years passed for her to calm naturally.

Women don’t unblock men they don’t have deep DEEP feelings for, or unless it was so petty a battle that they are truly indifferent after awhile.

Men, on the other hand, block a woman and then unblock her the next day, so they can say something they forgot to say, or try again to make her do what they want.  It’s a sort of push and pull game.

The problem is that it is a girl move, so when a guy does it, then it is a pussy move, especially if he initiated contact.  All you have to do to get rid of a chick with no feelings for you is to stop trying to shag her or get something from her…especially online.  So blocking a girl who you contacted first because she doesn’t want to shag you or because she doesn’t give you her credit card numbers just because you shagged is not a dick move.  It’s a pussy move.

What is going to happen is that when you unblock her and contact her again, she is going to block you…or curse you out and tell you to fuck off and die, and then block you.

On a site with one way blocking, or where people don’t generally know there is two way blocking, you might be able to unblock her, get your shots in, and then block her again before she can block you.  If there is two way blocking, if she knows that, the first time you block her, you are in oblivion forever.

A woman can forgive a man for being a dick, but we can never forgive him for being a pussy.

Remember that when you think of doing a female style vengeance.  If you’re one of the girls, then you are not an option.

Learn to take a no like a man.


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