Anti Fog Flap for Reusable Masks

Anti Fog Flap Because I wear glasses, a scarf, bandana, or tube snood is usually better for me than a mask. I already posted the African fix of putting a sanitary napkin in to add extra protection and absorb moisture. There are some really cute masks available now though, so I decided to think about how to make them better. I came up with a way to block the airflow upwards so they won’t fog one’s glasses or goggles.

What you’ll need to do this is some 1.5 to 2mm aluminum wire (like the sort used for floral arrangements), some wide ribbon or bias tape, and a needle and thread.

Your ribbon should be a bit wider than any gaps that would be between the top of the mask and your under eye area. I would go by the length of your nose. It should cover the distance from your face to the end of your nose plus at least a half centimeter. It should also be a material that is washable and will not turn nasty or irritating when you sweat. So look for the correct ribbon in a sewing shop rather than just getting whatever they sell for hair ribbons. Ribbon that is made to endure the friction and chemistry of people’s armpits will probably survive your face.

Just line up the wire with the top edge of your mask, and curl up the ends so you don’t poke yourself.

Measure out the ribbon, and don’t forget to allow for some folding over at the ends, You don’t want it to fray.

Sew the top edge of the ribbon over the wire to the mask. I recommend doing this along the top hem. Sew it loosely the first go in case you need to make any adjustments.

When you’re happy with how it lays, double back and sew it on fairly tightly.

The wire will enable you to adjust the mask so that it’s as close to your face as possible.

If you are going to use a pad for extra absorption, don’t cover the whole surface. It shouldn’t need to be said, but it’s necessary just in case…the backing of a pad is plastic or some other waterproof material, which blocks air flow. You don’t want to protect yourself to death or at least passing out in the street. Cut the pad down to maybe a 4cm strip that will just sit over your nose and mouth area.

That’s about it. Be safe out there.


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