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The new dating and dipping situation is going fairly well.  The dry spells are a bit longer because I’m more selective, but so far I have done well in absolutely avoiding any heart rending situations. I’m beginning to understand how the young ladies can get caught up in the cock carousel though.  At that age,…

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Now I’m Just Pissed Off

I just got the weekend series of texts from Slick.  He still hasn’t fixed my bed, but he’s still trying to get back in.  Flattering as it is that anybody’s interested in having sex with me at my age, the fact that anyone thinks they can just break my stuff and not fix it, and that…

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Kiss The Sky

Sky, the extreme construction worker, is attempting a comeback.  He says the reason he was out of touch for almost 3 weeks is because his truck caught fire, and his cell phone was in it.  I suppose I could get Shai to call the fire station in Tel Aviv to find out if this is…