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Lifehack For the Second Heartbreak Onward

I believe that frequent heartbreak is an unnatural thing to endure sanely. I am sure that between the lines and behind the scenes in the days of old, romantic love existed and people shagged around and were abandoned or failed or mistreated often. We are talking about humans here. The thing is that the heartbreaks…

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The Walking Exes

I am writing this post so that I no longer need to converse with exes accumulated before I  realized that my health depended on not giving a shit about people who don’t give a shit about me. You only get one chance to hurt me by leaving.  Once you have played that card once, I…

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Goodbye is Goodbye

Another thing that became very clear to me after the last relationship is that, right or wrong, the first time a guy dumps me or does something I consider irredeemable (like threaten me or my loved ones), I start to hate him.  I may still love him in a way, but it is as if…

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I’m back :-)

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And Then She Stopped

It happens as it always does. You went to sleep, dreamed about something else. You woke up and didn’t miss them anymore. Then your period comes. Men should understand something important about women. We don’t obsess or stay attached unless we, for some reason, want to. We have one or maybe two eggs to either…