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Shopping Anxiety

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc]The humans behind the headlines: I have a friend in South Carolina who has anxiety about going grocery shopping because of the possibility of a copycat mass shooter. Churches are bringing back the armed and/or martial artist usher. Nothing really changed. The mass shooter of today is just the angry entitled of yesterday.…

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Generation V: “White” Nationalist Is the New “Black” (or Rather Thinks It Is)

[sc name="responsivevoice" ][/sc] Perusing the internet, it seems that all the sheep want a piece of the victim pie.  It has become so ridiculous that, aside of the plight of real victims and survivors being overshadowed by crybabies of all sorts, people who are drowning in the self created constraints of privileged (read large cronie-ist)…

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Modern Lie: Everyone Deserves Love

[sc name="responsivevoice" ]One of the biggest lies that get people in trouble nowadays, is that everyone deserves unconditional love.  This is only true of babies and other severely disabled people who have never done anything wrong to anyone on purpose, and have no control over what happens to them. The moment someone does have control…