Generation V: “White” Nationalist Is the New “Black” (or Rather Thinks It Is)

Perusing the internet, it seems that all the sheep want a piece of the victim pie.  It has become so ridiculous that, aside of the plight of real victims and survivors being overshadowed by crybabies of all sorts, people who are drowning in the self created constraints of privileged (read large cronie-ist) classes are whining about the cages they built for themselves.

In the same breath, “white” nationalists in America pat themselves on the back for their (or being as statistically optimistic as possible, less than half of their) forefathers’ vision and ideals (despite their and future generations’ failure to live up to them) and whine because they can’t run around shooting African Americans or for that matter, European Americans in categories they don’t like.  While they decry the “melting pot” and whine that the multikult strips them of their identity, which it does, they willingly identify themselves like cattle with no heritage as “white”.

Not only that, but they subscribe to crackpot mythology that promotes Germanic supremacy while downgrading the Slavic, and other Europeans, and then have the nerve to turn around and say, “No no, it’s okay, you’re ‘white’ like us,” to buy their complicity in their bid to oppress others.  So they spread the diseased state of cultural erasure, and do so proudly, and then whine about the natural result.

“White” nationalists don’t want to let go of the numbers that would make it seem as if they, being “white”, deserve majority privilege, but they want to whine about the results of doing so, which is having a bunch of people who remember or understand what racial discrimination, classism, and oppression feels like on their tender pink flesh, included in “white”.  So whatever real, albeit volatile cronie-ism supports the illusion of “white” privilege will also ultimately lead to its end.

With the inclusion of the Irish, Slavic, Mediterranean, and statistically at least, European Jews under the “white” umbrella, it has already ended.  Some people are just late to the party.

The myth of the “white” utopia that doesn’t and never existed, and that isn’t even possible since Europeans are just human beings, is crumbling under its own weight.  Too many people have been through too much, and they’ve had enough, and don’t want to inflict suffering on others that won’t even alleviate their own.  Their great great grandparents didn’t get welfare to go west.  Their complicity in “white” cronie-ism is based only on a combination of fear of the alternative, and irrational reactions to being crapped on where they came from.

So the cries of the subsection of European Americans for whom the need to work to earn a living, compete with others for jobs, be attractive to get a mate, and be assertive to keep from getting stomped on is some sort of great injustice, ring a bit hollow.  They are just another indistinct buzzing noise in the drone of other “imaginary invalids”.

Meanwhile, many European Americans are discovering that their privilege was indeed an illusion, scaffolded only by mutual consent of their peers, meaning those of the same class.  The upper classes cared only for appearance sake, which is important, but not important enough to give up income over.  The illusion of “white” privilege was always a political tool to keep the middle and lower classes divided into easily detected and arranged political blocs.

Like a running gag, most American people have accepted their cattle level brands of “white” and “black”.  It has not escaped my notice that Native American, Hispanic, and Asian people do not accept these sorts of brands.  There seems to have been some attempt to popularize terms such as “red”, “brown”, and “yellow” for them, but it didn’t stick.  One should ask one’s self why.  It is because they are not as disassociated from their origins as most European and African Americans.

As African Americans increasingly know their roots, and European Americans whose families immigrated in the 20th century become less inclined to the cattle brands, and as both cope with real issues of freedom and justice, the “white” nationalist finds him/herself isolated by their worldview.  They are in a state of confusion, trying to hold onto an outdated and from the beginning ridiculous category crafted by politicians to buy their complicity for cheap.  They traded their identities, more precious than any lands or material resources, for shiny beads, and now are in a frenzy to justify it.

Again, I am not the thought police.  Also, I am not a fool who cannot see that nations have been built on shakier and less realistic ideas.  It might be a good thing if all the likeminded people of this sort got together, and made their “white” utopia, preferably someplace cold where Nature favors their physiology.

I hope that in a truly post racial America someday, government enforced integration will become a thing of the past, and that freedom of and from association is held as dear as freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech can’t really be without freedom of association since humans are social creatures.

I hope that future America is one of the first nations to take human nature into account when making laws and policy, and when promoting ideals.

We are not there yet though.  So for the meantime, we have to deal with the existence of large groups of broken and self pitying people, traumatized by life itself and the facts of living.  We will have to deal with the so called liberal who thinks life owes them being universally adored and deferred to, and the so called conservative who thinks the same, but condemns the liberal.

Perhaps someday it will dawn on people that life owes them nothing, and that each being must find a way or be damned to oblivion.  Until then, I expect to see more crybabies joining pity parties of all sorts spending their energy arguing against life and nature instead of doing things that will actually better their situation and better the world.

So for myself, I remain ready in case I run afoul of someone who believes that my existence somehow harms him or her, and I teach others to do the same.  I do my best to be a voice of reason when it is warranted, and put aside reason when it is unnecessary.  No one needs to justify their existence, only their relevance, and this is done less with words than actions.

When “white” nationalists decided that Europeans are an oppressed and persecuted group because their complicity is no longer necessary for the elite invested in the Americas to prosper, they ceased to be something to fear.  They are the “house niggers” finding out that the plantation owner did not include them in the will, even if some small proportion of them are the owners’ descendants.

So in a way, perhaps they are the “new black”, but not the way they like to think.   I would advise them to learn to get along with the “field niggers” they once aided in oppressing, but this would be useless.

It’s better to warn others who do have the brains to get what is going on, to strap up.  Do not be lulled into a false sense of security.  Stupid and statistically harmless does not mean absolutely harmless.  There will be more shootings by “white” nationalists who can’t cope with life and so turn to death for comfort.  There will also be some by those infected with the idea of entitlement.  There will be smaller scale individual acts of violence committed by those drinking this koolaid in secret.

and there will be senseless deaths of people in denial, who are so wrapped up in other viral ideals, that they forget the humanity of those around them, and the fragility of civility.  There are and will be parents who push their children to the point that a “white” nationalist will be the first person to tell them that their life has value just because it is a life.  There are teachers who lie to children, and a “white” nationalist may be the first to tell them that a preference for people who look like them isn’t unnatural.

Insanity can’t be beaten with more insanity, so truthfully, it is the too far left idea that nature is wrong and needs to be corrected that feeds the too far right idea that nature is wrong and needs to be corrected.

What is needed is balance.

I am not holding my breath for politicians or corporations or the media funded by both to foster this balance, as the imbalance is more profitable at the moment.  Individually though, we can do a lot to maintain our corner.

Good luck, and be safe out there.


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.

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