Dem Ain’t Ready

For some time, I’ve been having a nagging suspicion.  When I look back on the day it became clear that the Chateau Heartiste (formerly Roissy in D.C.) approved of the more insane brand of “white” nationalism seemingly popular among the commenters there, I felt that something wasn’t quite right.  Since then, I’ve visited from time to time, and every time, that nagging feeling returns.  Something about the whole thing is just…fake.

I’m used to European nationalists being better educated in their own cultures.  I’m used to there being a bit of variety in their views.  I’m used to there being a spectrum, from those who just hate everybody else, which is their right, to those who want everybody to know who they are, and not step on each other.  I’m not the thought police.  If someone wants to hate an entire group of people, or hate everybody in the group who isn’t kissing their ass, or whatever, that’s their business.  I’m used to not giving that much of a fuck except as fascinating social phenomena.

I’m not used to feeling like I’m sitting in the middle of a room full of agents doing roleplay as “white” supremacists, with the instructor saying, “Call her a nigger more often.  No one will suspect you if you appear to be more indiscriminate in your hatred.”

I’m not used to seeing “code words” so old and stale that my dad who barely uses the internet would laugh and say, “That’s either a honey trap, or they’re posers.”

I’m not used to sites that really are for “white” nationalists of the more violent bent being open to the public, and not getting shut down after a couple of days.

Something ain’t right.  I think I may have figured out what is happening, if the CH isn’t a honey trap.  I think that Roissy has done what many bloggers do when they see their active traffic dying because they’ve gone nuts, and people are backing away slowly…or quickly.

He made up a few personas to make as if there is still a brisk dialogue, and to be able to say more violent things without WordPress administration shutting him down for advocating violence.  He can say that it’s not him, it’s the commenters.

It could also be that he is using the site to stage a sort of massive prank.  Roissy and whatever other writers there are at the CH are anonymous.  This means they could be anybody of any ethnicity.  If the photos that came out a long time ago when he was supposedly outed are actually him, Roissy could even be Jewish.  Nobody knows.

Something about the direction the site has gone is a bit too contrived.

I understand that my posting this will be viewed as some sort of attempt to discredit the self appointed savior of mankind or whatever.  It’s not an attempt really.  He’s lost his credibility with me, and I’m simply saying that.  if you still think it’s all real, and not a trap or a joke, then that’s on you.

The internet being as it is, I don’t think we’ll ever know for certain what really happened unless it is a honey trap.  Then we’ll get reports of the sting later.  If it’s just the mental masturbation of some guy working out his sour grapes, or overcompensating to assure his girlfriend that he would never “miscgenate” with the beautiful African women she’s jealous of, or just a massive prank, we will never know unless he confesses in the end.

If it is the death throes of a blog suicide because someone became unhinged and decided to blame Africans and Jews for all his failures, then one day the posts will just stop…or not, if he’s truly obsessive and not just sad.

I’ve noticed that no one has countered my comment that Greg is the owner of CH.  That means he’s either “Tartuffed” it or he is Roissy, just using a persona that never quite added up.  He should have put more research into that character.  Either way, a harsh place has become a simply dishonest place, and that makes it a useless place.


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