Nature Doesn’t Care That You’re Innocent

In the wake of yet another preventable mass murder, it still baffles me how cheap school administrators and others responsible for the security of their employees and students are.  Of course, the murderers themselves are the most to blame, even if they’re insane.  However, understanding that there are homicidal insane people roaming the Earth, one would imagine that anyone responsible for any kind of large gathering would account for this fact of life.

I’ve read the same excuses countless times.

“We don’t want to traumatize the children…”

Seeing one’s best friend’s brains splattered across the floor would be less traumatic than disaster preparedness and the sight of a few security guards?

“We didn’t think anyone would do such a thing…”

…even though you’ve seen that some people will do such things?

“We had other priorities.”

Close to honesty, but we know what you’re really saying is that you didn’t want to spend the money handling real dangers.  In order to justify your salary, you need to make assaults out of tantrums and dealers out of stoners.

I personally am getting tired of reading excuses.

As to the Umpqua Community College shooter’s motivation, if it wasn’t psychiatric drugs or a false flag to promote gun control, I’m betting that he blames Christianity for the evils of humanity.  He didn’t get that some humans are evil, and most humans will do evil to further their interests, and religion is just an excuse some people use.  It could be any ideology.  Pick one.

The irony is that his beliefs led him to do evil.  So on his headstone, if anything, should be, “Here lies a stupid hypocrite.”


My pronouns are whatever you're comfortable with as long as you speak to me with respect. I'm an Afruikan and Iswa refugee living in Canaan. That's African American expat in Israel in Normalian. I build websites, make art, and assist people in exercising their spirituality. I'm also the king of an ile, Baalat Teva, a group of African spirituality adherents here. Feel free to contact me if you are in need of my services or just want to chat.


  1. Absent father, dood was raised by his mom; nuff said.

    That being said, I suggest a simple, cheap compensatory solution to the problem of school shootings.

    Equip every teacher with a can of bear spray; students can conceal carry it too. Its simple to operate, has a range on 20 feet; its like pepper spray X 100.

    “float like a butterfly sting like a bee; his bullets cant hit what his eyes cant see”

    • Yes, bear spray would have been very useful, especially if Chris Mintz had a can.

      People should understand that their physical protection is their personal and family responsibility. The police can only do anything after the fact, and as cheap as schools and companies are today, security cannot be counted on to take care of things.

  2. Ive noticed another disingenuous phenomenon over at the Chateau. They attack, despise and attempt to discredit white liberals and SWPLs… but at the end of the day, all of these “tough guys” would gladly join them out of necessity.

    SWJs are like an insurance policy for them.

    They can pretend to be one if their racist abilities fail

    Thats why they can never destroy them.

    • With the exception of Gunny, they are almost all SWPLs. I’m saying almost because there might be one or two who I don’t know about since they probably don’t post much…that tells you something. Their complaints are rat maze people complaints…and not even people working their way out of the rat maze complaints. When it comes down to it what they want is to be able to keep their comfortable conveniences and have everybody else bow down to them at the same time. Life doesn’t work that way.

      Like Elvind said about most MRA’s being one blowjob away from selling out…most of the guys in the CH are already sold out, and just spewing the stupid old fashioned “white” supremacy because talk is cheap. It’s easy to spout that garbage and avoid getting with the times when there is no cost to it, and it never has to be tested against real life.

  3. I guess you heard “PA” has a blog now?

    First question I asked him was “can blax participate?”

    He ignored my question; then just like a bitch, he tried to impose all kinds of special restrictions on me after I took a couple of his boys to the wood shed for logical beatdowns.

    Its a funny scenario because he is trying to practice virtual racism against a virtual black person; I didn’t hafta tell him Im nonwhite?

    I could have called myself WOLF KING and written the same things?

    BTW, I think I “triggered” him by mentioning your name (heh, heh)

    Anyway, check out the thread if you want; I thought I was helping to make a productive discussion; I was very polite until they attacked me; and then I punked em hard.

    These keyboard “nationalists” are a joke. If they can’t defend their ideas on the internet, they will get nowhere in the real world.

    • I don’t think they want to get anywhere. They like their lives earned on a nice, soft cushion of pretty lies. Miss Scarlet just got done lecturing me about how much easier it is for me to live my truth since I’m in a “protected class”. I found that incredibly funny…something a kid who didn’t live through the 70s and 80s would say.

      Anyway, my advice for you is stop trying to reach the unreachable. PA is an Uncle Tomski trying to be in the club when he should be focusing on his own people’s needs. I could buy that Anglos and Germanics may make somewhat okay allies, but there’s a limit to how much ass kissing a Slav should do. Their being pale skinned never stopped any other Europeans from harming them in very sick ways.

      It’s better to support the reachable. We sometimes get distracted because we’re used to trying to reach people in our own communities offline and online. Debate and energetic conversation is important to us. It’s not so much so for the sector of European Americans who would let themselves get caught up in a life where they can’t at least live honestly if they can’t talk about it much. I think most of that type have some kind of gene that makes them extremely oversensitive and paranoid. Or maybe they get so full of lies that it makes them crazy. They react to cognitive dissonance like bitches who can’t stretch their worldview to contain what is in front of them.

      So I ridicule the exceptionally stupid occasionally, and expose their attempts at deception to the cold light of day. The ones dumb enough to get recruited into their cults or cycles of self pity, well, the herd must be culled a bit. Those who are just uneducated but not self destructive find the information useful.

      I noticed how Miss Scarlet had nothing to say about _Tartuffe_. Heheheheh…

      …and did you see how she posted my photo like it was some big reveal? LOL!

  4. Nicole,

    “reaching people” is a secondary agenda for me; and not a very important one, especially on the internet where cock blocking runs rampart. Counter racism science requires field work where you can run experiments and test your hypothesis and thats most of my work there… Ive collected a lot of data at The Chateau and will produce a “report” on my findings at some point in the future.

    Pay close attention to the rules PA tried to impose on my participation because its a great example of how white people practice racism. He tried to isolate/quarantine me; retard people from interacting with me; a huge fail on that; men are attracted to vigorous, high spirited debate, especially when one participant is an underdog; I was “winning the crowd” so much at the Chateau CH banned every screen name I used. He even allowed others to hijack my screen name which I countered by switching to names like “pink nipple”, and “white boy”.

    Did PA really think I would participate on his blog subject to the niggerish rules he tried to impose on me? These narcissistic nihilists are living in a dream world.

    The Chateau is now so heavily censored I don’t even bother except for an occasional anonymous post I lob in just to test the censorship. (BTW, everybody blames WordPress for the moderation issues, but its all CH’s doing; he has to slow everything down so he can delete comments and block screen names manually…)

    I think it bears repeating that what began as a useful productive enterprise has now degenerated into “theater.” CH was set himself up as “OZ” and people like us come under attack because we don’t buy the smoke and lightning laser show…

    BTW, I don’t know if you are playing a game with Eliot and “jerking his chain…”; but I suspect Greg IS an older retired white man of some significant intellect; I also suspect him a Christian; Protestant to be more specific. Ive constructed a proprietary image translation program that generates accurate “pictures” of who Im dealing with on the internet; anybody can do it if they are willing and able to give up their assumptions and crunch raw data. For example, coming on the Chateau and admitting I was a black male brought me under collective attack by the racists; but after beating the fukc out of all of them one by one; I kept track of who came back to fight? Who would not give up…?

    That was Greg. Even after telling everyone else not to interact with me, he couldn’t resist doing so himself. Finally after one too many beatdowns, he began screaming like a bitch and thats when CH started blocking me (practicing racism.)

    To sum up; their greatest weapon is also their greatest liability. The power of racism does NOT contain within it the power to make it “cool” or acceptable… even Farrahkan can’t sell it to black people and we get mistreated everyday.

    The inherent flaw within racism is the fundamental inability to produce justification (compensation) from mistreatment; it can’t be done.


    I think we all have an intuitive sense of why this is; Im searching the historical record for some language to describe it and barring its discover may attempt to produce some of my own.

    PS– What is your analysis of the behavior of “The Spirit Within?”

    Is he some kind of controlled opposition?

    Some kind of “Jewcle Tom?”

    It seems like he challenges CH and the racists, but they also allow him to participate a little too easily? Its as if he’s a virtual strawman?

    • Well, Thwack, we already have a term for the kind of relationship dynamic that makes a group cover, justify, and therefore nurture narcissists and other crazies: codependency. Greg is basically operating on crazy bitch “logic”, which is why I have a hard time seeing him as male. Men usually swing more to the psychopathic…not learning from previous mistakes or failures, and repeating fairly simple patterns. Narcissists like to wallow in the drama of it all, and oscillate between victim and bully with break-neck speed.

      I don’t think racism is the CH’s reason so much as inability to cure itself of the pathological altruism that they say is part of European people’s problem. He just unconsciously snaps into a codependent relationship with abusive people who put the word “white” in their game, and doesn’t see that the cure starts at home. I don’t call him abusive because of how he treats me. It’s because of how he treats other European race realists. Once you tolerate that level of crazy and stupid in your own ranks, you sow the seeds of the destruction of your movement.

      Greg and dudes like him prevent moderates and suffering lefties for whom the system isn’t working, from finding a better crowd. He is also strangely anti intellectual. He seems well read, but if someone knows more than him and simply provides an educated perspective, he freaks out. He must be the one who knows everything, and everyone in every field must agree with his perspective. He alienates people in a position to actually do something. One disagreement, and they’re a Jew infiltrator instead of maybe just someone who’s new there or thinks maybe alienating people isn’t the best way to recruit them to a cause. Nobody sane wants to touch that level of memememememememeeeee.

      This is why I’ve made it clear on my sites and in my ile that this sort of thing will not be tolerated. I had a few pass through my groups talking “kill whitey”. They’re either cops or being watched by cops or they’re crazy narcissists looking for followers for their real or imaginary cult…and therefore being watched by cops. Someone who is a real separatist or advocate who isn’t crazy and has some brains is not blasting stuff on the internet, and doesn’t need to kill everybody because they’re actively creating or maintaining real live communities. It doesn’t get the attention of the msm, and we’re happy for that. If it did, the feds would come down trying to enforce more diversitaah.

      TSW is not a Jew. He’s Catholic. They keep accusing him of being a Jew because he’s more intelligent than Greg, and actually works in a relevant field. He’s a threat to the queen. He could actually give Europeans a guide for how to make sure their kids express their useful genes and beat back intruders, as well as form an ideology that would perpetuate self preservation, but they don’t want to listen to him. I look forward to the day he peeks out of the closet and starts his own blog. That will be a good read.

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