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Lee states that students do not do well in regular schools because they are faced with racism every day and stereotypes that they must overcome. These barriers are not helping their education at all as they lose focus. Lee also says that people claim that the all-black schools are another form of racism and that they need to look at it from another point of view. Culturally mixed schools do not give the proper attention to each culture that is in attendance at the schools. Everything becomes lumped together and those with a different culture do not get to learn much about their history.

via Black Kids Are Thriving In Afro-centric Schools | The Black Home School.

Forced school integration is not helping Americans to be any more tolerant than forced segregation did.  It’s still the state forcing association or forcing alienation on children during their most vulnerable years.

Children need a balance of nurturing, education, and toughening that is relative to their Nature, which includes both their biology and their culture.  If you throw someone into a hostile or incompatible cultural situation, you’re just killing them.

If all American kids were raised in, say, a military environment with different priorities wherein what ethnicity you are was way, way second to what kind of warrior and how strong or honorable you are, it would be different.  As it is, most kids are coming from a different set of priorities, and each ethnicity and subculture in the U.S. has its own views and values.

Ideally, people should be able to get along, and in some schools in some places they do.  There are even bilingual and multilingual schools where students all speak and learn in more than one language.  I think that’s awesome…but ideals can’t be forced on people.  Especially with children, one has to meet them where they are.

To be thrust into a situation wherein, regardless of the ideals, they are the “other”, with teachers who are not understanding of their situation, and not able to supervise well enough to combat problems, and some who may be part of the problem, is a bad position to put a child in.  Some will rise regardless, but even they will take scars no kid should have to take.  Most will just fail or fall into some form of oblivion.  Some will just die.

The suicide risk for young African Americans, especially, underwent a disturbing increase over the past generation. Between 1980 and 1995, the rates of suicide for both white and black children aged 10-14 increased sharply – 120 percent among white youngster and 223 percent among black children. An even more disproportionate increase was recorded in black versus white suicides among teens 15-19. Black suicides increased 126 percent while the rate among white teens increased only 19 percent.

–taken from Who Commits Suicide?

I suspect that one reason African children are killing themselves more often, is being educated by and around people who constantly wish them dead.

As Joshua Sobol warns in _Ghetto_, when you attempt to appease the nazi, you become the nazi.  Once someone hates your blood, there is nothing you can do that is good enough except to die.

If public school is your only choice, and you are in an area beset by xenophobia, understand that you are not sending them to school, but to 8 hour day care with hostiles.  This is true regardless of your children’s color because those who are capable of thinking at an above chimpanzee level about human differences are themselves a minority in some places.  They will suffer because of inability to psychologically assimilate, in a similar way to those who cannot externally assimilate.

So maybe it’s not about segregation by ethnicity so much as it is about segregation by mentality.  You know what the people around you are like.  If they’re stupid then their kids are taking that out on your kids in school.  If you don’t want that to happen, homeschool or team up with some home schoolers.  If you don’t have that option, then be prepared to do what you can to undo some of the damage they’re taking in day care.


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