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Shopping Anxiety

[sc name="voicefemlower" ][/sc]The humans behind the headlines: I have a friend in South Carolina who has anxiety about going grocery shopping because of the possibility of a copycat mass shooter. Churches are bringing back the armed and/or martial artist usher. Nothing really changed. The mass shooter of today is just the angry entitled of yesterday.…

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Mother’s Day Strike 2022

Forced breeding = slavery. The information leaked to POLITICO on May the 2nd with regards to the overturning of Roe V Wade was not the opening salvo of the war on everyone who has/had a uterus, but rather the death knell of an era in which the war had remained relatively underground. Source: Mother’s Day…

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The Platform Excuse

[sc name="responsivevoice" ] I’ve recently gone “eggs as needed” with Facebook. As a webmatron these days it’s impossible to completely disconnect from them since they own so many of the resources most people on the internet rely on. However, I can so what many who are forced to live with psychos do and minimize contact as…

Tin Man
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Tin Man

[sc name="responsivevoice" ] The day was bright and sunny. By nightfall it was honey. We’ll skip the naked parts. The next day would have risen To a beautiful beginnin’ If you only had a heart. Each week brought a new drama. Each month a brand new trauma And so I played it hard. It might…

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The Invisible Black Man Speaks – Mida

Baltimore seems to be the great Black dream: the mayor is Black, the Chief of Police is Black and about half the police force (including some of those charged with Freddie Gray’s death) are Black. All this under a twice-elected Black President. Yet things are clearly going south. What’s going on?In a word? Class. Eugene…

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Shit I’m Tired of Seeing: “White” Patriarchy

Slavery was not something that rich “white” men did by themselves without women, nor was Jim Crow the exclusive domain of men.  Just about all “white” supremacists and those complicit are raised to be this way by their mothers. Under the current racist system (which is racist against everybody, and just treats European Americans like…

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