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DC Juggalo March vs FBI Overshadows Conservative “#MOAR” Gathering – UNICORN RIOT

The fam has come through.  It is a very pleasant surprise.  Whoop whoop! <3 MWCL <3 Washington, DC – Unicorn Riot is streaming live on Saturday, Sept. 16th from the National Mall as thousands of fans of the Detroit rap group Insane Clown Posse known as Juggalos gather to send a message to the FBI…

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Twiztid – Raw Deal (The Juggalo Song) – YouTube

Lately, some “alt-right” and Trump fangirls have been trying to infiltrate ICP and related pages and groups on Facebook.  Of all the stupid shit… So I thought I need to post some reminders about what a Juggalo is, and why it’s probably a bad idea to recruit fans of the writers of such songs as…