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Lately, some “alt-right” and Trump fangirls have been trying to infiltrate ICP and related pages and groups on Facebook.  Of all the stupid shit…

So I thought I need to post some reminders about what a Juggalo is, and why it’s probably a bad idea to recruit fans of the writers of such songs as Chicken Huntin’ and My Funhouse, which basically sounds like someone’s wet dream of well…might be a federal crime to spell that out.

If you’re a “white” supremacist or “white” pity-partyist, and any “juggalos” give you any love, you are basically in a circle-jerk with other spies, and not actually recruiting juggalos.  I am sure this phase isn’t over, but it will be funny to see how they spin it when someone in the public eye asks them to explain how they somehow missed the lyrics of every third song.

Update: September 3, 2017

Oh, and it gets even better.  When I tried to warn people in some communities because I recognized what was happening, lots of sockpuppets, phonies, and tools came out of nowhere to call me crazy, paranoid, and a racist against “white” people.  I let them dig a nice hole for themselves for awhile, but then decided to go chicken’ huntin’.  Guess what I found?

"White" Nationalists Planning to Infiltrate Juggalo Communities

“White” Nationalists Planning to Infiltrate Juggalo Communities

This kinda speaks for itself, but if you really want an eyeful of the contempt the lead trumpettes have for juggalos, search “trump recruiting juggalos” without the quotes, and follow the chan links.

Mind y’all, I seriously doubt this revelation will do anything.  I got cussed out for making it in a post about whether the main effort should be the march in D.C. on the 16th or Harvey relief in Texas.  Not only did nobody back me up, but I was told not to judge people for being human…apparently no matter how inhumane they are.  So now it’s become a thing that not only are we not supposed to judge each other for our struggles, because fam is fam…We can’t judge anybody for anything.  We have to tolerate bigotry, greed, and I know it’s coming, abuse of all sorts as well.  A juggalo is not to judge anyone who comes around saying they’re a juggalo even if they have never shown they know anything about and have never listened to any songs by ICP or anyone in Psychopathic records, Strange Music, anyone in the horrorcore genre, or anyone associated.

This nonjudgemental drum circle that’s cool with everything and anything no matter how rotten, is apparently the new school juggalo, and so “white” nationalists are taking advantage and running rampant among them.  By the time most of them figure out they’ve been duped, it’ll be too late.

Hmmm…Where have I experienced this before?

Ah well..all things must end.  Being a juggalo was like my last bit of group-ness, and maybe it’s time for me to grow out of it.  The new ninjas are apparently cool with everything except a person defending themselves.

I guess that’s just how groupthink works.  It starts out new and revolutionary, then turns into having to eat shit.  Well, that’s not me.  If that’s how things are, then I will stand alone, thankyouverymuch…and if anybody asks, I didn’t turn on fam.  Fam turned on me.  It just seems like I’m colder about it because I left when I smelled the shit, and didn’t wait around to taste it.

One girl even told me not to get triggered.  So I asked her, “You’re not triggered by someone pretending to be fam but playing you?”  Then she goes off on this no she doesn’t judge people…for lying to her and deceiving her.  That’s okay with her.  That was my signal.  My Black ass not welcome.  My gray brain not welcome.  My red heart not welcome.  My scarred soul definitely not welcome at all.

I am grateful though.  First, that I didn’t have to learn this hard lesson at a gathering or event where I may have needed backup and found none there.  If people are too chicken to speak up for their freedom online, I don’t think they’re willing to bleed for freedom.  Maybe they don’t know that’s what’s at stake, but still…confused or indifferent has the same value in combat.  Zero.

Second, I’m grateful to Dr. Robert H. deCoy, the writer of The Nigger Bible.  It’s something like a Thus Spake Zarathustra for African Americans.  This prepared me for the reality that with few exceptions, someone who is not African will not be able to hear me.  I am nonexistent or invisible to them, and no matter what I say or do, they will never see me or hear what I am saying to them.  There are exceptional people.  I just shouldn’t expect this, so I don’t.  So if shouting, “Hey, danger!  Hostiles approaching!” needs to be explained with justifying my existence and proving that I am not what they assume me to be so they can dismiss what I’m saying despite all evidence of the truth, then fuck it.  Let them die of stupid.  In this day and age, we will unite or we will die, so those who can’t adapt won’t survive.  I feel for them, but I have to focus on the living.

Looks like “juggalo” is going to die the same way “alt-right” did.  It had a good run, but as one of the few sane ones left told me when I compared the encroaching “white” supremacist takeover to the Nothing from The Neverending Story, “The Nothing is inevitable. You have to make the best of the here and now.”  I’ll add to that enjoying the good memories…and letting go of what has let go of me.

Update September 17, 2017

It’s not often that I’m surprised, but today I am.  Surprised and humbled.  The fam apparently came through, and I wasn’t the only one aware of what the haters and infiltrators were planning.  So fam is still fam…and so far, according to the live feed, nobody has been killed or injured by cops or tools.








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